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Promoting Reading In Schools

Posted by ciscoedjal on May 7th, 2020

For your child's development and improved knowledge, reading habit is essential. It is seen that certain emotional and behavioral problems occur in children who don't learn to read. The skills your child learns in the nurturing stage of life will help them to grow well and become a better person. Every school should have proper reading sessions for young children as it helps them to develop skills they need in their future. Some of the top schools in Jalandhar provide independent and self-selected reading sessions for children. Here are some guidelines that parents can follow to promote reading in school-aged children:

  • Participate in reading with your child

You should make reading a part of daily activities. Even a few minutes of reading in classes or at home will do wonders with a kid's performance. Besides, it has proven to be a great way to build a bond with your child. Your child can read alone, but you can make reading interesting by reading out loud to your child. Make sure to read books that are of your child's level, which he/she can understand and enjoy. 

  • Try to create a comfortable reading environment

Children who are at the learning stage of reading need a lot of practice. Regular reading sessions can help your child to learn better and faster. But with regular reading, a proper reading environment is also imperative. When you make your child read at home, do create a quiet and cozy atmosphere so that he/she can listen calmly and understand each work better. You can create your own little library to give a proper effect. 

  • Use games, rhymes, and songs

Your child should enjoy reading so that he/she wouldn't get bored and like to do it every day. So, you must incorporate some rhymes and songs in the sessions to make them interesting. Telling stories and singing rhymes can enhance your child's learning opportunities. You can also use this opportunity to make your children learn other languages. You can also be a role model for your child. If your child sees you reading magazines, newspapers, catalogs, and more, it will encourage reading habits in them. 

  • You can create a library at home

Creating a learning environment at home will help your child to learn faster. For making a library, you can take advice from teachers and librarians. They are good sources of information for books that are good for your child’s reading level and age. If your home has more books than toys, then there is a possibility that your child will pick up a book instead of a book. 

  • Limit screen time

If your child spends enormous time on TV or smartphones, you should limit their screen time. You can promote their reading habits by limiting screen time. Make a time table for them and allot timing for different activities and include reading in everyday activity.

  • Give your child a variety of books to read

Let your child choose the book they want to read and present some books in front of them to make a choice.  They might choose the most attractive, small, or bigger sized book. They can also choose the book according to their reading level, a child having an intermediate reading level might find a basic level book babyish. 

  • Keep a log of what your child is reading

You can keep track of the reading sessions as many teachers in the Best CBSE school in Jalandhar. It is the best practice one can follow to see the progress in their child's reading habits.  Use a persuasion chart to help promote more reading, or keep a reading diary or a simple list. In a reading log, children can also write down their thoughts about the books. Some children get motivated by keeping track of what they have read. Do not insist that they keep a reading log if your child doesn't enjoy keeping the log. 

  • Other things you can do to promote reading

Besides reading, do practice writing, choose stories that they can relate if your child has trouble reading, encourage your child to read, explain to them what they are reading, gift them books and magazines to read, play Scrabble and let them enhance their vocabulary, monitor text media, etc. 


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