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The Epic Ways to Serve Macarons Phoenix at Your Wedding

Posted by abakeshop on May 7th, 2020

People prefer pastries like donuts, cupcakes, cookies, and pie more rather than the large confections to offer on their grand days. Traditionally, cakes are the things for what everyone goes, but for serving small treats, macarons are the best confection to offer at a party.

Macarons Phoenix is the French pastries that are very popular now and can be presented very creatively as a dessert at a wedding with wedding cakes Phoenix. They are not only famous because they are tasty, but they look pretty too with its many colors, and that makes macarons very desirable for the people to have in parties. These macarons are not only good for parties but can also be used as favors or escort cards.

Macarons Phoenix can become people, pleaser, in weddings with the traditional wedding cakes Phoenix. You can choose the display of treats according to the event like classic or traditional. Following are some ideas to serve macarons in a wedding style:

They can be used to greet guests or served with dinner instead of serving them as a dessert at weddings.

Topped Macaron
They can be presented with sliced figures so that people don’t have to discard large toppings and enjoy it.

The macarons can also be presented with prints to make it more attractive for people like having a rose-printed macaron.

It is best for a theme-based event as macarons are available in many different colors like light green, cream, pink, etc.

Macarons can be splattered in different ways, like with edible rose gold that nearly matches their hue.

It can be made in tri-color by combining brown and pink in halves on the middle three tiers cookies.

They can be presented in a modern way by baking off-white macarons, which means it could fit in any dessert table.

It can be made with an unusual array of accents that includes glitter, leaf motifs, etc. and can be decorated with pink and white treats.

Bright Colors
It can be presented in different colors according to the season or colors like vibrant green, hot pink, or orange sweets for the wedding.

Macarons can be accented with gold brushstrokes on neutral macarons.

They are now available as monograms too in the market for people to enjoy it.

Macaron Border
There is a new cake in which white and black macarons are placed around the border on every tier.

Macarons and Flowers
A new unexpected cake topping is made with fresh garden roses and macarons with gold-foiled topped.

Blue and Orange
Some lighter color variants of blue and orange are also created for some more variety.

You can change cake with macarons in pink and gold in wedding parties.

It can also be used as decorations in weddings on the couple’s cake or can be given to guests as favors.

It can be made in heart-shaped, which is very delightful at weddings for couples.

You can have messages written on them to give a delightful experience to the couples.


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