Table Lamps - Portable lighting with a decorative touch

Posted by Mords1944 on May 9th, 2020

The decorative table lamp differs from other lighting accessories in its portability. This allows the owner to move the lamp to different spaces around a room to provide only the desired lighting effect.

Basically there are two types of lamps. The decorative table lamp is intended to provide the right decorative touch to a room or the functional use of the reading light. However, the primary uses of the decorative table lamp are to provide minimal working lighting while maximizing the addition of necessary light in a room, as well as accentuating the room with the proper decor.

The other type of table lamp is the desk lamp, or as it is sometimes called the study lamp. This lamp is designed for task lighting and is used in places where activities such as studying, computer work, and writing are performed. These lamps are more functional in design and style and are often connected by a clamp to an adjacent shelf or cabinet. Desk lamps can also be independent. Many desk lamps are adjustable and have heavy bases to prevent them from falling off easily. Again, the desk lamp is designed for its functional utility rather than its decorative appeal. Therefore, keep in mind what the purpose of the lamp will be and select it accordingly. Be sure to select a lamp that has the proper type of fixture for the use for which the lamp is designed. Always go for the most energy-efficient accessories.

Decorative table lamps can be elaborate and highly decorative or quite simple and functional. Of all the lighting fixtures available today, decorative table lamps come in the widest variety of sizes, styles, shapes and materials imaginable. Stores that have high-quality lighting often have decorative table lamps with intricate bases and often hand-carved from expensive materials like high-quality marble or other stone. Silver and other precious metals are also used in the manufacture of decorative table lamps. One of the attractions of this type of lighting is that there is generally something available that meets everyone's taste and budget.

Screens of almost every conceivable size, style, shape and color are also available and can be used to determine just the right amount of light for a particular area. One of the shades and construction material that has stood the test of time is Tiffany. Original Tiffany lamps are extraordinarily valuable and are museum pieces or found only in the most elegant and expensive houses.

However, technology has allowed the stained glass look of a Tiffany lamp to be created at a fraction of the cost of the genuine item. It is unusual to find two Tiffany lamps that are exactly the same, a fact that increases their appeal. The Tiffany comes in a variety of styles, with the most common styles being Mission and Victorian.

The Mission style is basically designed in such a way that the panels form squares and rectangles, while the Victorian style is designed to be elegant in style with surprising curves and embellishments that give it a truly unique look.

Decorative Turkish Table Lamp is also made from a substance called Mica. Mica, which is sometimes called "fool's gold," is a conglomerate of minerals that, when crystallized, form a variety of leaves or sheets in very thin layers. The main attraction of Mica is that there is a beautiful and often ethereal appearance that results from the light shining through it.

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