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Posted by Notarybonding on September 10th, 2012

A notary public is a public servant chosen at the state level as an impartial witness for the signing of documents. A notary public is a public executive commissioned by the secretary by the state, or other appointing authority, under the laws of different states. It is necessary to remember that a notary is not authorized to provide legal services, or counsel of any kind. Though notaries are public officials, the majority of persons who work in private companies, takes a state approved test to become notary publics. Several organizations in Louisiana mostly appoint permanent Louisiana notary public for their companies to be Real estate notary, insurance claim notary, wedding official notary, mortgage loan documents notary, and certified signing agent notary. The main task of the notaries is to notarize oaths, acknowledgements, and certificates for many different purposes. Authentication of documents has become extremely significant for business transactions, validations and getting a job. The notary of the documents is needed to stop the fraud and illegal activities in the legal documents.

A notary officer needs several tools for the tasks he/she performs. The most essential tool that a notary must have is a notary public seal. A complete notary procedure requires a notary seal and signature by the Louisiana notaries. The seal and signature are evidence of being that the notary is genuine, and the person approved it, is a notary public. The signature and stamp of a notary verify that the people signing the documents willingly enter into a contract. The person, who needs to notarize his documents, must appear in front of the notary public. The notary public Louisiana verifies the identity of the document signer by checking their driver license, UID card, or any other identity card or documents.

Most public offices, banks and mailing centers keep a notary public on staff in case of any transactions or agreements take place which requires documents to be legally notarized. A notary public performs several duties as;

  • Manage oaths or affirmations
  • Certify acknowledgments
  • Take and certify depositions, and other instruments in writing
  • Issuing subpoenas in the taking of depositions
  • Receive, make and record notaries protest.

As the technology has entered into every aspect of life, the information about the notaries, notary supplies, bonds, and many other can be found easily on the internet. Even it can be ordered online easily. There are a number of websites which offer notary supplies like notary seals, notary stamp, and other things that are necessary for a notary public. These websites provide notary products at a reasonable price.

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