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A notary public is a public officer by law to serve the public for, deeds, power-of-attorney, foreign and international business, marriages and several legal documents. The services that are offered by a notary public include authenticating documents, administering oaths, witness contracts and some other document transfers, providing of identity or signature authentication. The services offered by the notary might differ from one state to another. Since the laws governing notary publics vary from state to state and from country to country, often out-of-state or out of county document originators will insist upon some sort of notarized statement regarding the validity of a document.

The notary services are even beneficial for people who are entering into adoption cases or legal contracts in Utah. The notary public in Utah also represents a dependable third party for witnessing and in this manner authenticating a contract that is drawn between them. A Utah notary public has some limitations in providing services to the people; he or she must remember things that have to be taken care about:

  • Before performing any of the duties as a notary public, he has to file a commission and after receiving it from the governor, with the oath endorsed then he can start the services.
  • He must have the notary supplies with him; as notary seal.
  • The notary seal must contain the information about the notary as name, the country and state for which he is performing, and the date of commission expires.
  • A notary cannot authorize the document of any person, unless he/she knows him or he is identified by any other way; as showing his or her identity proof.
  • A notary public is not allowed to serve if his time for serving as a notary expired.
  • A notary does not allow to give the services at any other state, or jurisdiction without getting the permission from that state governor.
  • A notary is not authorized to notarize his/her own signature; for that, he has to get the services of other notaries.

Many notary publics have the option of either being a notary that stays in one location or becoming a traveling notary. The information needed to become a notary officer can be obtained from the National Notary Association site, which offers information on the requirements and processes for each state. Many other websites are also there which provides information about notary officer and notary supplies such as a discounted notary seal, notary official or commission expiration date stamps, notary reference books and other essential notary Utah tools.

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