A Notary Bond Always Protects The Public

Posted by Notarybonding on September 10th, 2012

Notary publics first became famous during the 1500 A.D. of the Roman Empire. At that time, they were chosen either by the Pope, or the Archbishop of Canterbury to whom the Pope handed over the authority. The principal responsibility of a notary is to confirm that the individual parties involved in an agreement are reliable. The State might suffer a loss if the notary neglects in ensuring the identity of the parties. Qualifications that a notary public must have : Be 18 years of age or older; should have a legal residence proof, complete a course of study approved by the secretary of state satisfactorily; complete and pass an examination prescribed by the secretary of state; should have an apparent background.

A notary officer needs several tools for the tasks he/she performs. The most essential tool a notary must have is a notary public seal. In a complete notary procedure, it needs a notary seal and signature by a notary public Alaska to prove the documents legally true. The seal and signature are evidence of being that the notary is genuine, and the person approved it, is a notary public. Notary public seals are unique for every notary public. The seals are capable of verifying any relevant document and are under the sole control of the notary using it. The notary seal is made up of a rubber stamp and is attested in documents that are required to be notarized.

A perfect notary should have state approved notary supplies as Notary bonds, official seals and journals, to perform notary’s duties properly and protect the notary public against liability. The bonds that a notary has with him are widely used all over the world while making any legal agreement between two parties. Bonds are mostly used for professional agreements or contracts, as they are legally approved and provide the surety of contract. Almost all the business acquires indemnity bonds to provide coverage for their customers in case their work falls short of expectations. Customers want to assure that the work will be performed according to their understanding. The indemnity bond provides assurance that the company will be liable for any wrong doing. Consumers feel more comfortable knowing that their property is protected by a legally binding agreement.

All the information about the notary and his services can be found online easily. The low cost notary bond packages and discounted notary supplies can be ordered on the internet. The internet has become the reliable and time saving way of getting things easily.

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