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How Blockchain is Helping in Curing COVID-19?

Posted by Ganesh Shevade on May 13th, 2020

COVID-19 is a group of various types of viruses clubbed together that are associated with acute respiratory-related illnesses. It has unleashed huge shock waves across the world, and various health officials are grappling to contain the virus. At present, the spread of coronavirus has moved beyond China to other parts of the world, making it difficult to track, manage and contain the virus. Blockchain solutions can act as a tool to combat COVID-19 by managing medical data, advising citizens, tracking drug supply chains and identifying symptoms of COVID-19.

If you have problems tackling the challenges of COVID-19, choosing professional services from Alta Futuris can provide pioneering Blockchain technology solutions that can assist in facing the challenges of COVID-19. Our team of experts including Block Chain architects, Blockchain developers, and data scientists, promises to provide distributed ledger technology (DLT) with immutability and enhanced security. Blockchain technology is undoubtedly helping in curing COVID-19.

Let’s throw some light on the ways through which this technology is fighting with COVID-19.

1. Tracking COVID-19: With a contagious disease like COVID-19, tracking becomes crucial to contain the spread. With a decentralized ledger, it is becoming easy for several agencies to keep track of new cases, infected cases, susceptible cases, virus activity and much more.


2. Increasing Awareness: Being cognizant of COVID-19 is extremely quintessential to mitigate its spread. Blockchain keeps the information valid without any contamination. This myriad of data is being used to spread awareness among individuals and author tires. For example, a Blockchain based online platform in China, Alipay, is sharing the information regarding coronavirus through mobile apps to help people to acquire various preventive measures.

3. Tracking Donations: To avoid misuse of donations, Blockchain technology is tracking donations until they are reaching to the victims or the needed spots. For example, In Hubei province, health officials are receiving donations of various needed equipment like face masks, cash, and other medical accessories through Shanzhong, a donation tracking platform, which is using Block-Chain technology.

  1. Securing Medical Supply Chains:These technologies are highly proving their success in tracking and tracing demands, supplies, and logistics of products that can help in COVID-19. Blockchain powered supply chain is ensuring doctors and patients to access uncontaminated items.

5. Crisis Management: The platforms with Blockchain technology are managing crisis by instantly alerting the public and concerned authorities about COVID-19. They are providing information and real-time recommendations to prevent further worsening of the situation.


Alta Futuris believes in delivering top-notch Blockchain technology solutions by developing projects that specifically cater to the client’s requirements. Investment in their Blockchain tech projects ensures increased efforts in solving real-world problems by making optimized decisions in the warfare stage of COVID-19.

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