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Childhood and Childhood Education

Posted by PallaviKidz on May 13th, 2020

Childhood is a beautiful phase in everyone’s life, during this phase we will not have any tensions any thoughts we will have only happiness and enjoyment. But in the present generation the world is moving so fast that and even parents want their kids to learn early but even they want their child to enjoy their childhood by this thought many schools for kids called pre-school, playschool and kindergarten school have come. These schools not only provide early education but make them learn practically.
Pre-schools where children find their friends, they learn to share, how to write read, etc., nowadays playschools have implemented many other activities in schools like clay moulding, painting, storytelling, etc., Kids love to play in the school where they even teachers become their friends they become their second parents and school becomes their second home.
Childhood education is the basic step of education where we learn how to pronounce the alphabet. Kids play with alphabets, numbers and they enjoy learning them. Playschool is the place where the star imagines the stories they read or listen to. Pre-schools are an opportunity to open the world of learning to them.
Pre-schools even teach Soft skills such as speaking, listening, and writing, they bring enthusiastic ethos in children to explore new things that make learning interesting to kids. They avail children perform paramount tasks like grasping toys, feeding themselves, buttoning and zipping apparel, drawing, and more. The competency to complete self-care and everyday tasks avail a child’s self-esteem and confidence to increment. They start to understand emotions, both their own and others. Using feeling words like sad, mad, happy in conversation with your kids will help them to build emotional vocabulary to express their feelings
When Child uses his alphabet knowledge and learns form words, sentences, numbers, number names, addition, and subtraction. The child is also introduced to second languages at this stage. Rhymes, Free play, Creative Activity, and Storytime play a major role in the social and emotional development of pre-schoolers. Singing, as we say, is the food for the soul. But when children tap their feet to the tune of the rhymes, they not only feel the joy and happiness; they unknowingly learn the language as well in a fun way. When children sing, they practice the language by pronouncing words and putting together sentences. When children move their fingers with the beats of the music, they learn to control their hands and fingers which is an important skill for writing and handling small objects. Pre-schools

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