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Hiking Tips For Feet

Posted by danielss on May 13th, 2020

This is why it is extremely important to take care of them in a proper manner. Here we have compiled a few tips that can help you maintain your feet healthy and it will solve the ultimate problem of how to have clean feet while camping?

Keep Them Dry

You should not let your feet get wet unless there is no option. If you feel that they are overheated or moist while you are hiking take a break as soon as possible. Remove your shoes and socks and let them dry. It is advisable to always carry a spare pair of socks with you. if you can change your socks mid-day it will be best.

Quality Of Socks

Don’t buy cheap socks for your hiking trip and be very careful about the material, it must be breathable. A good pair of socks under hiking boots means you are taking good care of your feet.

It will keep you safe from blisters. Moisture retaining material of socks is a bad choice to wear for a long day. If you can find a pair of hiking socks that would be amazing. These socks are made for hiking purposes and they reduce friction between feet and boots. These socks also help in maintaining thermal equilibrium.

Invest Smartly In Boots

This, we cannot emphasize enough that you need to allocate a proper budget for the boots. The right footwear is essential especially when you are going for a hike.

Make sure the boots fit you perfectly and there are no painful pressure points. Keep in mind you will have to be in those shoes for the most part of the day and they ought to be comfortable otherwise your entire trip can become a nightmare.

Your boots should be watertight but they should allow ventilation. You need a good space for your toes to wiggle and breathe. The best thing to do is to try them on and break your boots before you go off hiking in them.


Your socks catching on a toenail can be the worst memory from the hike and trust us you don’t want that. Long toenails will add pressure to the nail bed and that is not good news.

Toenails should be trimmed straight across with slightly long nail corners so there will be no ingrown nails on the trip.

Be Mindful

Don’t ignore any type of pains or discomfort when it comes to your feet while you are hiking. Minor things if left unattended can turn into major problems, don’t let it happen to your feet.

If you spot a blister, provide it an early treatment. Sometimes when you provide early treatment to a sore, you are able to avoid the blister altogether.

Bottom Line

If you have prepared well, there is nothing that can go wrong and you will have a memorable hiking trip. Be safe and enjoy hiking with no worries.

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