3 Mobility Inventions That Deserve More Credit Than They Get

Posted by mitsubishielectric on May 14th, 2020

elevators and escalators

With the advancements in technology, the world has seen some great inventions. These inventions have made it easier for people to do their daily chores and for businesses to operate smoothly. For example, the invention of air conditioners has made it possible for both homes and businesses to beat the scorching heat and work comfortably. Likewise, the invention of hand dryers, intelligent transport systems, and so on has helped mankind in many ways. However, there are a few modern inventions that need to be credited for their functionality, some of which are the moving walks, elevators, and escalators.

  1. Elevators

Elevators, also known as lifts, are one of the most preferred ways of skipping the stairs. Back in the day, when there were no elevators, people had to climb up the stairs of buildings. However, with so many advancements, even the construction business shot up and introduced high-rise buildings, penthouses, and so on. Climbing 12 or 13 floors up the staircase can get quite exhausting and is even impossible for many people. Thanks to elevators, people can do so without worrying about anything. Electric elevators for buildings and similar spaces were introduced to the world sometime in the mid-19th century and since then have been a favourite for all.

  1. Escalators

After the invention of elevators, the next thing that helped in making everyone’s life easier were the escalators. There are places where the installation of elevators would be impractical and that is where escalators came to the rescue. They are moving staircases that consist of motor-driven chains of steps that are linked to a track. Escalators are principally used in departmental stores, airports, bus or railway stations, shopping malls, and so on.

  1. Moving Walks

Lastly, one of the latest developments in the mobility industry is moving walks or walkways. Designed to carry people from one point to another without the, having to walk, these moving walks have made it convenient for everyone, especially the elderly and people with mobility impairments, to move around places like airports, train stations, and so on.

These three amazing modern mobility inventions have not only made it accessible for elderly people to move around the mall or airport easily but also made it easier for businesses to transfer heavy items from one place to another within the same campus.

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