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Medical Three Way Stopcock-Gastric Tube Application, Thoracoabdominal Puncture A

Posted by kristamedicalmould on May 14th, 2020


Separate the infusion tube and scalp needle before the venipuncture, connect the three-way tube, the scalp needle is connected to the main channel of the three-way tube, and the other two interfaces of the three-way tube are connected to the nipples of the two infusion sets. Fix it well and adjust the drip rate as needed.


The use of three-way pipe has the advantages of simple operation, safe use, fast and simple, one person can operate, no leakage of chemical liquid, closed operation, less pollution and so on.

Other uses:

Application in long-term indwelling gastric tube——

1. Method: Connect the tee tube to the end of the gastric tube, then wrap it with gauze and fix it. When in use, the syringe or infusion set is connected to the side hole of the three-way pipe and the nutrient solution is injected.

2. Simplified the operation procedure: In the conventional tube feeding diet, in order to prevent the return of the tube feeding liquid and prevent the air from entering the patient's stomach, the stomach tube must be folded in one hand when sucking the tube feeding solution, and the tube feeding solution should be sucked in the other hand. Or you can fold the end of the gastric tube, wrap it with gauze, and then fix it with a rubber band or clip before you can suck the tube feeding solution. After the medical tee is used, the on-off valve of the tee can be closed when the tube feeding liquid is sucked, which not only simplifies the operation procedure, but also improves the work efficiency.

3. Reduced pollution: In conventional tube feeding diets, most of the syringe nipple is connected to the end of the gastric tube to push the tube feeding solution. Because the diameter of the gastric tube is larger than the diameter of the syringe nipple, the syringe and the gastric tube cannot be coincided. The phenomenon of tube feeding fluid overflowing increases the chance of contamination. After the medical tee tube is used, the two side holes of the tee tube are tightly connected with the infusion set and the syringe, which prevents the phenomenon of liquid overflow and reduces pollution.

Application in chest and abdominal cavity puncture:

1. Method: After the conventional puncture, connect the puncture needle to the single end of the three-way tube, connect the syringe or drainage bag to the side hole of the three-way tube. When replacing the syringe, close the on-off valve of the three-way tube. Injection from the other side of the hole, drainage and injection of drugs can be carried out alternately.

2. Simplified the operation procedure: conventionally use a rubber tube to connect the puncture needle for thoracic and abdominal cavity puncture and drainage. Because the rubber tube is not easy to fix, the operation requires two people, one person drains the liquid, the other fixes the rubber tube and is responsible for clamping when replacing the syringe Rubber tube to prevent air from entering the chest and abdomen cavity. After using the tee, the puncture needle is easy to fix, and the syringe can be replaced as long as the tee switch valve is closed. The operation can be completed by one person.

3. Reduced infection: The rubber tube used for conventional chest and abdominal cavity puncture is repeatedly used after sterilization, which is easy to cause cross infection. The medical tee tube is a disposable sterilized item to avoid cross infection.

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