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Posted by fiestroevents on May 14th, 2020

Your child’s birthday is one of the most important events of his life. Celebrating your child’s special day in an old-fashioned way with a few family friends and his besties isn’t fun. You should put some extra effort to make his day magical. By magical, we don’t just mean putting on your spooky dress(though, you can do that too). Planning his party a month or a few weeks earlier gives you the chance to execute a theme beyond your child’s imagination. Kids love surprises. To astonish them you have to evoke your inner child.

Here is a detailed guide with every step you need to take for planning an amazing kids party -

1. Budget - Promising your child of a magic show only to find your pocket doesn’t allow it can break his heart. First things first. Figuring out the sum of money you can afford to spend saves you from cutting off items on your shopping list last minute. If you have deeper pockets you mightn’t care to note down the expenses. Still, you clearly define a budget. It helps you to control your expenses when you are buying the supplies. The best event management companies in Jaipur draw a budget beforehand to notify clients of overall expenses in advance.

2. Ask the Birthday Boy - The reason you are throwing a party is to make your child happy. Unless you are planning a surprise party, you should involve your son in the arrangements. He can tell you whether he wants an indoor or outdoor party, which theme is cool and what food he and his friends at school love. With your child’s inputs, you wouldn’t go wrong in choosing the decorations, goodies, cake and more. The stage will be set up to his expectations. Short on time to throw a themed party? The best event management companies in Jaipur specialize in last-minute parties.

3. Invitations -
 Are you throwing a mass party? Consider inviting guests at least 2 weeks before. Give their parents a time frame to send an RSVP. Your child would naturally want to celebrate his birthday with all his friends. Absence of a friend or relative dear to him might hurt. Notifying the guests in advance is the best way to avoid delays and turn downs. To entice the children to create themed invitation cards with enlisting the games or an entire program of the day mentioned inside.

Kindergarten kids and junior school students are carefree. They might forget to tell their parents about the invitation. Make sure the children don’t miss your son’s party by calling their parents. If you are inviting only a few kids from his class, go to their house & invite them personally. Distributing cards at school can upset the uninvited children.

4. Food Menu - Food your make for the birthdays should be healthy and of the right size. If the children can’t hold the burger, they will spill it on the floor. Order mini-burgers, mini-pizzas and thin roles, to ensure the kids can easily hold the food items and enjoy the treat.

Restaurant food isn’t a necessity. You don’t have to buy costly food preparations either. Artistic garnish and presenting the everyday meal in classy plates and bowls will make the food enjoyable. For example, you can dress sandwiches into a cartoon character and give a funky name to it. Children will gleefully eat it.

5. The Cake: Since the cake is a specialty of birthdays, it should be ordered according to the strength of the guests. After you receive the RSVPs go to the baker's shop. If any of the guests are vegans, order an egg-less cake. Ask the cake maker to design an icing as per your child’s choice. Does he love to play baseball? Why not get him a baseball-shaped cake on his birthday!

6. Entertainers:
 An entertainer can set the stage on fire and make your kid’s party an unforgettable affair. Is your child passionate dancer? Book a choreographer or a team of professional dancers to perform. Is he into sports? Stuntman doing some courageous tricks will amaze him. Is he into movies? You might ask an influencer to join the party. You name it, the event management companies in Jaipur get any celebrity to your doorstep.

7. Helpers:
 Younger children can hoard food mindlessly. In excitement, they can spoil the party by littering the balloons, streamers, etc. over the food. In case you are having a home party. Determine a room(probably the hall) where the party will take place. If you are taking kids to an eatery, even then you need supervisors. The parents of your child's friends, older cousins and other members in your family should keep a watch over the activities and ensure nothing fishy is going on at the party.

The above-seven are some basic step that the event management companies in Jaipur for organizing children’s party. For a complete guide including advanced tips, birthday checklist, game preparations and more, check out out Fiestro Events.
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