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Open Source Software for Windows - Open Source Games

Posted by Mords1944 on May 15th, 2020

Open source software for Windows has grown in popularity in recent years. Times are changing and people want games that they don't have to pay for once, or pay monthly, like some of the increasingly popular massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG). Instead, these games are completely free. Also, if the developers want, they have the ability to download the game code and make changes to the game itself.

Virtually anything can be modified in the source code. Anything from annoying bugs that keep popping up, different character abilities, character level limits, and more. Another popular thing to do is add your own enhancements or even additional levels to an existing open source game. Many open source games have started as smaller projects, but have started to generate a kind of cult following as an audience. Many of these games have grown significantly and now, instead of a single developer working on them, entire teams dedicated to the project are now collaborating on the game.

Many people feel that games may start a little slow and that newer games are buggy. This may be the case temporarily, but most of the time the people who develop the game enjoy working on their game and make a better effort than someone would be paid to create something they would not want.

There are many different types of available in the open community, such as sports games, first person shooter games, racing games, adventures, puzzles, virtually any category. Once again, popularity in these games comes from the ability to download and play the game at no cost. In addition to being freely distributed to whoever wants the game's open source code, this also allows games to be created cross-platform, meaning they are available to play on different systems. It is also worth mentioning that while most open source games are free, some open source game developers charge users for their content.

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