Shared Hosting Plans - Is It Right For You?

Posted by solutiwise on May 16th, 2020

The availability of cheap shared hosting plans makes them very popular among small businesses, especially the bloggers who are just starting their journey. The affordability factor is the main thing that makes shared hosting so popular and helps most individuals as well as small businesses in doing their works seamlessly. If you have low to moderate traffic inflow to your website, this is the best solution. It is also one of the avenues through which a business can test the services provided by the hosting service provider. Testing a service provider is important because only up to a certain level up to which you can learn through research. Always go for a shared hosting service provider that gives you the provision of hosting upgrade at a future date when size as well as traffic levels of your site increases. If you are predicting steady growth in your traffic as well as business, always inquire about this aspect at the time of buying a Linux Shared Hosting India or Windows Shared hosting plans.

Explaining Shared Hosting Plans to Dummies

When you are opting for a shared hosting solution you have to keep in mind that you are sharing your server space with multiple customers. It is similar to living in a room with many other roommates in a dormitory facility or a hostel or rest house. All the amenities and utilities within a physical building or room are being served by the inhabitants of a shared premise or apartment. Whether it is the bandwidth, storage space, or other aspects related to the hosting solution are all shared in such a hosting solution. As the resources, as well as the operating system, are shared, the costs associated also get shared, thereby driving down the entire cost. This is the reason why a shared server is available at such an economical rate. Maintenance of the server also gets shared, helping you to get Cheap Hosting Plans.


Is The Shared Hosting Plans Right For Your Blog or Business?

If your site traffic is low to moderate, say within 1,000 viewers per day, then hosting solution is the best you can have. However, the eCommerce platforms where secured monetary transaction requirements are there should avoid using shared servers. The very nature of the shared solutions is a hindrance to secured monetary transactions.


When Going For Cheap Shared Hosting Plans Always Lookout For The Following Aspects and They Are:

Are the customer and technical support available 24x7? If yes, then inquire whether this round the clock facility is available throughout the year? On holidays can these technical supports be available too? This can be a major issue if your site gets down on such a holiday or weekend.

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