Some Questions to Help You Choose the Right Music Insurance Company

Posted by musicinsurancecompany on May 19th, 2020

Picture this - A couple of months back, when you added a clarinet and a flute to your musical instruments’ collection, your friend, who is also a musician like you, told you to get adequate cover for your musical gears. And, you were like, "why on this Earth do I need that? I keep my things in the best possible manner that nothing could go wrong with them".

And, the other day, you planned a vacation with your family to a nearby island. You came back after spending quality time for two days only to see that some miscreants have somehow got inside your home and stole your belongings. Yes, the stolen items also included those precious musical instruments leaving you with deep pain and regret.

Get your musical instruments insured now or regret later!

Dear reader, this is a hypothetical situation but not far from reality. Not only musical instrument thefts, but there is no lack of scenarios that could possibly land you in rough waters. If not stealing, it could be a case of lost musical instruments while traveling, or maybe instrument damage due to flood, heavy rain, fire, thunderstorm, or in the worst-case scenario, any public liability caused due to your musical gear.

Therefore, as industry experts say, you should get specialized insurance coverage from a trustworthy Music Insurance Company, when it appears to be least necessary. Yes, that’s before a stroke of bad luck gets your life upside down. Also, remember that your

Decided to buy insurance?

So, if you’ve decided to buy an insurance policy for your musical instruments, there are a couple of things that you should know before going for it. Always remember, every insurance provider may provide you with similar services, their terms and conditions, and area of focus is more likely to be a bit different from each other. So, it’s very crucial to find this out in the first place if or not the one you intend to choose is the ideal for your insurance needs.

So, how to get started?

It is always wise to have a list of multiple potential insurance providers handy. Doing a comparative analysis while researching these agencies on the internet will help you learn and segregate them on the basis of their services and focus area. Once your list is ready, start following-up with the companies you find most suitable for you. Talking to them via phone is a good idea.

What does the policy cover?

Music instrument insurance policies are specially crafted for protecting musicians, musical instrument owners, collectors, music shop owners, music teachers, and others associated with music from the situations that only these people can understand.

Does your insurance policy offer worldwide coverage?

For instance, musicians travel the world. And, an accident leading to loss or damage of the equipment doesn’t need to happen in their home country only. What if a musician’s instruments get damaged on a world tour, in some other country? Relax! A reliable and client-friendly Music Insurance Company is more likely to offer 'Worldwide' coverage. So, your instruments are protected in and out!

What scenarios are covered?

Similarly, if your musical gears are insured, you are likely to get cover against all possible odds, including - theft, flood, fire, any other damages. The best thing - a comprehensive insurance policy will cover public liability too. No wonder, musical instrument insurance plans are also regarded as all-round protection.

Is devaluation considered by your insurance provider?

One of the most critical aspects related to musical gear insurance policies, mainly for string instruments with a bow, is devaluation. The condition of your musical instrument plays an important role in deciding the value. Make sure if or not your insurance provider offers devaluation cover. It will pay for repairs, as and when needed, and the difference amount between the sum insured and the value of your gear after being repaired.

Getting the answers to these simple questions will help you find a suitable and comprehensive cover for your musical instruments for sure.

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