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Keeping Your Small Business Healthy Through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted by velocityhs on May 19th, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is not easy on anyone, but business owners specifically are finding themselves worried and uncertain of what’s to come. Many small businesses are opting to close their doors as a preventive measure, while others are being forced by local bans and closures to temporarily shut down or dramatically reduce operations until further notice. There isn’t yet a clear picture of what’s ahead, but we do know that things won’t be business as usual for a while.

First thing’s first: Don’t panic. It’s easier said than done, but remember that businesses and communities around the country are in the same boat. We’re all in this together, and there may even be some opportunities for your business to discover as the chaos dies down.

Give Back to the Community If You’re Able

If your business qualifies for financial relief, but you find that client calls are slow, you can pay it forward in the community by giving back through paid community service for your staff. Alternatively, you might host a food drive for the local foodbank and incentivize customers to participate by offering discounts for donations. Showing that your company cares and will remain involved in the community through these difficult times will resonate with customers well into the future.

GSM Marketing Agency is here for your business during the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that our clients may need a little extra help to shoulder this health crisis, and we are ready to offer support while fulfilling your digital marketing needs.

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