Choose music for your event

Posted by Mords1944 on May 19th, 2020

Selecting the right type of live music for an event is as crucial a decision as the venue, catering style, and time of day. Live music creates a memorable atmosphere and atmosphere if chosen correctly. We all want events to be a success, so here are my top tips to ensure you choose the right music for your event.

• Type of event: If you are organizing a reception with a 'network' element, or a dinner where people want to talk to each other, music at full volume will not work. On the other hand, after dinner, the entertainment in which the guests want to dance will require a band that plays louder music.

• Place: the size of the place is crucial. A harpist is likely to be missed playing in a large hall with high ceilings. Similarly, a big band playing in a small room is going to be overwhelming, with the sound of music 'muddy'. Choose the size of your musical ensemble and instruments based on the size of your room. Also, if you have a space with two or more rooms, you should consider where to locate the musicians, so that they can be heard.

• Event size: A small event with 20 guests is unlikely to require background music as loud as a larger event. However, it depends on personal taste if a large band is required later!

• Theme of the event: there are many musical styles that give an event a theme as much as dressing a venue or serving specific food. A steel band that chirps when guests arrive or a Scottish Piper serenades guests creates an impact as people arrive. Flamenco musicians and dancers for entertaining after dinner or playing a jazz band will enhance an event by creating a memorable atmosphere. When researching a thematic event, include music and food; makes a huge difference to the event.

• Time of day: During the day, most events involve guests who want to talk to each other and meet new people. Loud music doesn't work in those situations. As the night progresses, guests relax and may consider dancing. They have talked to their friends and associates and want to let their hair down. As a general rule, as the night progresses, the volume and energy of the music should increase.

• Place acoustics: some places are noisier than others. Rooms with plenty of fabric and wood absorb sound better than places with hard or metal surfaces, where sound tends to echo more. The latter is an overall challenge because people's voices will also echo!

• Location: Does the event take place inside or outside? If you're outside, you'll need to consider where to put the musicians. Many Germany musicians who play valuable instruments will need to be out of direct sunlight and rain. Electrical equipment should also be kept away from rain. Acoustic instruments, such as string quartets and harps, should be placed next to a wall, for sound to be transmitted.

• Music volume and restrictions: Various places have volume level restrictions. This is worth checking when you choose the place. Some places allow recorded music but not live music; However, I would say that acoustic instruments such as guitar, harp, or string quartet could have a lower decibel reading than a CD.

• Available space: If there is limited space, the size of the set you choose will be restricted. As a general rule, the instruments that take up the most space are the grand pianos. Other instruments may be relatively close to each other and take up less space than expected. My advice would be to calculate the available area and ask the musicians if they can play within that area.

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