Grinding Gear Games adjusted the difficulty and game mechanics of Path of Exile

Posted by Jennymill on May 20th, 2020

The introduction of Bestiary caused Path of Exile to encounter an unprecedented crisis. Now Grinding Gear Games has focused on the data provided by the gaming community and immediately adjusted the difficulty of the game. In retrospect, Blizzard also encountered the same crisis. It took them a long time to balance the difficulty of Diablo III. So, it will take a long time for Grinding Gear Games to adjust the difficulty of the game this time.

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Long story short, Blizzard must confirm it responds to community feedback when Diablo IV launches.Problems with difficulty and game mechanics should be addressed as soon as possible. That doesn’t mean that the community should drive the vision of the sport, but if a major portion of dedicated players has issues, it might be wise for Blizzard to require heed.

Grinding Gear Games did its homework because it developed Path of Exile. It checked out what the community wanted — specifically, the hardcore community — and launched to create a game that appealed there to demographic. And what does the community want? For the foremost part: variety.

Compare Diablo III’s builds to the probabilities you have got in PoE. Both games are currently active, but PoE offers a spread of builds, uniques, and set items that make a mind-numbing array of possible builds. It eclipses what Blizzard has got to offer. For Diablo IV to require back the crown, it must take a decent, long examine itemization and sophistication builds (for a thought of PoE’s complexity, just search “Path of Exile build of the week” and watch videos like this.).

Path of Exile also incorporates a pretty good reason for players to come back back: gambling. No, not loot box gambling — the endgame crafting system. lots of it relies on RNG, but it's been refined enough that it doesn’t seem unfair. Players use a spread of things to switch item affixes and gem slots. There's also a vigorous economy that centers primarily around Chaos Orbs and Exalted Orbs. Additionally to the endless style of builds, the endgame crafting system offers a long life to PoE that Diablo III just didn’t have.

That isn’t to mention Diablo III never had an endgame. Rifts were added on with Reaper of Souls and proved enjoyable. In this respect, Diablo IV is off to a decent start with Keyed Dungeons. Diablo III‘s Seasons have also offered spins on gameplay additionally to rewards, new content and cosmetics. However, they never really achieved the identical level of complexity or had the endurance of PoE‘s Leagues.

Diablo IV must take the teachings it learned from III‘s seasons and takes a look at to emulate PoE‘s success by introducing fun, novel concepts to every season that are incorporated into the bottom game after the Season ends. That way the sport can still grow and supply more content for players to enjoy.

I don’t want it to look like Diablo III didn’t do anything right.In fact, I miss its satisfying, visceral combat. In my opinion, it’s still the most effective ARPG combat around. The movement, pacing, and feedback were top-notch, but that’s really to be expected of Blizzard. I anticipate seeing Diablo IV replicate and improve on Diablo III’s combat system.

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Blizzard also does a decent job of integrating important mechanics into the sport. One amongst PoE‘s most frustrating aspects is that to successfully trade and craft in endgame, you want to go outside the sport. It’s so complicated — for better or for worse — that you just need programs like AutoHotkey and Path of Building to assist you stay competitive. Blizzard, though, can fine-tune all such instruments in-house. It also helps that they're ranging from scratch and might integrate those systems from the get-go if they so choose.

Path of Exile is now a competitor of World of Warcraft, but there was no competitor for Diablo III launched at the time. Path of Exile2 is about to come out. In the face of such a strong competitor, Blizzard now needs to redouble its efforts to regain the ARPG title. Whether Blizzard can win the championship, we did not know, we just wait and see the changes.

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