Buying Advice For Table Tennis Table - Important Questions Before Buying

Posted by VivianaWise on May 20th, 2020

Table tennis is a very popular leisure sport, which guarantees both a high fun factor and high demands on the coordination and endurance of the players. No wonder that the demand for table tennis tables in the private sector does not stop. But that quickly leads us to an important question: How do I find the right table tennis table? Or What should you watch out for when buying a table tennis table? In our following guide, we will present you with a buying guide that is sure to help you find the best table tennis plate, check the website.

Where Should The Table Tennis Table Be Set Up?

You should answer this basic question first. Because in trade, both table tennis tables for outdoor use (outdoor table tennis table) and indoor areas (indoor table tennis table) are offered. While you can easily use an outdoor plate indoors, an indoor model should only be used indoors. But why isn't an indoor table tennis table suitable for outdoors? After all, the temptation to use these models outdoors is great, as they are cheaper than the outdoor tables and also offer good ball bounce behaviour.

This is due to the material from which the surface of an indoor table tennis plate is made. Here the manufacturers use fine particle board or press board and this wood is not weatherproof. So the UV rays of the sun but also moisture or humidity will damage the playing surface and cracks will form or the plate will swell. After that, it is no longer playable and unusable. In addition, the marking lines on the playing surface that are not light fast will fade over time. Complaints and an appeal to the manufacturer's guarantee are of course not promising.

So if you are looking for a table tennis table for outdoors, you should definitely use an outdoor table tennis table or weatherproof table tennis table. If you plan to set up the table tennis table in the basement, you should betable tenniser choose a weatherproof table tennis table in view of the often high humidity in these rooms.

What Material Should The Table Tennis Table Be Made Of?

The question of the material is always related to the question of the location. As already mentioned, indoor table tennis tables are made of chipboard, while the outdoor tables are predominantly made of melamine resin. However, some manufacturers also swear by aluminum. There is also a concrete table tennis table, but mainly like in the public area like schools, playgrounds, parks, etc.

For private users who also want to use the plate outdoors, we recommend a weatherproof table tennis table made of melamine resin, a very common and robust material. The material will not form waves if there are smaller or larger holes. This is, by the way, the decisive advantage over an aluminum table tennis table. Because an aluminum composite panel consists of a fine particle board, which is surrounded by an aluminum jacket. So it can happen that the table tennis plate made of aluminum even with minor surface damageWater draws and thereby the wood expands. The result is a swollen playing surface. In addition, cracks can form in extreme heat. Therefore, you should consider whether you really want to buy an aluminum table tennis table.

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