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Benefits of pig manure organic fertilizer and production process

Posted by tianci on May 20th, 2020

With the development of economy and technology, animal husbandry has gradually shifted from farmer farming to farm farming. A farm has tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of animals. Large-scale farming can centrally manage livestock, reduce farming costs, and improve meat quality. However, while the number of livestock has increased substantially, there are also problems of waste polluting the environment. If not properly disposed of, the excrement will affect the surrounding geological structure.

Pig manure organic fertilizer is an organic fertilizer made from pig manure as raw material and fermented and processed by high-tech equipment. The production of pig manure commercial organic fertilizer requires two steps: pre-fermentation and treatment of the part and deep processing of the granulation part. Bio-organic fertilizer equipment needs fermentation compost turner machine, organic fertilizer pulverizer, drum sieving machine, horizontal mixer, fertilizer granulator, rotary dryer, cooling machine, screening machine, coating machine, packaging machine, conveying machine and other equipment.

The process of pig manure organic fertilizer production line as follows:

1. raw material fermentation - 2. raw materials computer belt scale automatic batching - 3. crushing, mixing - 4. fertilizer pelleting (flat die pellet mill, extrusion granulator, rotary drum granulator, disc granulator) - 5. dryer: drying organic fertilizer granules - 6. cooling machine: cooling organic fertilizer granules - 7 .screening machine sifting out qualified organic fertilizer granules - 8. coating machine coating film particles, smoother - 9. packing scale automatic filling organic fertilizer granules - 10 .seals.

The pig manure organic fertilizer processing equipment has advanced technology and compact structure. It uses harmless living bacteria preparations to treat livestock and poultry manure, and carries out biological fermentation under the action of various beneficial microorganisms. After fully decomposing the organic matter, releasing nutrients, the formed organisms. The hot and high temperature fermentation process can kill eggs, germs, purify the environment, deodorize and deodorize, achieve resource and industrialization, low energy consumption, harmless, and stable product quality.

Benefits of using pig manure organic fertilizer:

1. During the fermentation process of pig manure, the parasite eggs and disease bacteria contained in pig manure can be effectively killed to prevent damage to crops.
2. The fermented pig manure is safer because it is fully decomposed and eliminates the burning of seedlings.
3. The fermentation process also decomposes the macromolecular organic matter contained in the pig manure into inorganic salts and minerals that can be directly used by the crop, and produces the bacterial metabolites, enriching the nutrition of the pig manure, and more rarely, the fermentation The process is still a biological deodorization process, and the pig manure after fermentation has no odor and is more convenient and environmentally friendly to use.

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