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Why Is Lead Testing So Important

Posted by nylead on May 21st, 2020

Did you buy a house recently or getting ready to buy one? Then you should be aware of the fact that one has to read and sign several documents. One of those documents concerns disclosure about the use of lead-based paint in the house. Generally, reliable and trustworthy realtors always explain the intricacies associated with this document and everything it means regarding the house that you bought or will buy. However, if you rush the formalities of purchasing property, then you will surely neglect the task of going through all the paperwork that comes with the purchase. In short, you mustn’t forget to summon the specialists of XRF lead testing before believing that the house is ready to provide shelter to its new occupants.

The importance of testing

One should never underestimate the importance of Lead paint testing. You must never put your signature on the dotted line of the contract before hiring the services of professional lead testers. It’s crucial for home-hunters to know whether the house that they chose isn’t going to affect the health of the inhabitants. If you want to know why testing for the presence of lead is mandatory, then you should continue reading.

Built before 1978

The government of the nation passed legislation in 1978 in which it banned the use of paint products that contained lead. Since then, all residential projects had to undergo examinations and analysis to determine whether the manufacturers used lead-based paint products or not. Lead affects the health of the occupants of a house severely. It’s the same reason why sellers need to present documents that disclose whether the founders of the house erected it before 1978 or if they used lead-based paint. As you can understand, testing for the presence of lead is crucial.

Remodeling an old house

Older homes have unique characteristics that new homes don’t. That’s why many people out there harbor a fascination in their hearts towards old houses. However, these houses come with what was once the standard product used in furnishing the interior walls: lead paint. Experts say that if surfaces coated with lead paint remain intact, then it won’t pose health risks. If the painted surfaces start to peel off or crack, then the dust can end up in food items. If anyone ingests lead by mistake, then it can put that person at risk. So, if you are planning to buy an old house or remodeling it, then you must get lead testers to investigate the house before you proceed.

Previous owners were irresponsible

Maybe the previous owners of the house tested the house for lead and found that it does contain this harmful substance. Then again, they were irresponsible enough to avoid doing anything about it. Indeed, you may run into such sellers. If you hire the services of lead testers, then you’ll feel more confident about making the right decision.

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