Merger And Aqusition - Why Is It So Beneficial?

Posted by adam on May 22nd, 2020

M&A results in two new businesses with separate identities, whose financial and operational integrity are governed by two different boards.

The consolidation of companies can result in savings of as much as 80% of capital cost

Consolidation allows a company's valuation to be reassessed on the basis of two separate sets of financial results: one set for the new entity and another set for the old. This enables companies to reallocate resources and time to create the best value.

In addition to the huge benefit of reducing the total cost of ownership, consolidation also brings with it the ability to improve efficiency. With greater control over resources, businesses can decide how best to divide their work effort to reduce costs.

A range of management structures can be used to enable consolidation. Companies can choose to use a division structure, where each company only holds a portion of the total assets of the combined entity. They can also choose to merge two business units into one, for example where the accounting systems in both divisions are interchangeable and the merged entity already exists as a single entity.

In the case of tiered hierarchy, the merging entity can have a number of tiers - from the initial degree of separation, where the companies only differ in terms of their name and numbers of employees, up to the level where they share a significant amount of assets, such as locations or customers. In some cases, these tiers can be eliminated completely.

Finally, companies can opt for a virtual data room In this type of configuration, companies have only one server that supports their business operations, and several servers in different locations.

This permits companies to create real-time reports on data changes, inventory changes, and customer activity. The presence of these reports and the ability to make adjustments at any time to ensure that the mergers and acquisition process proceeds as smoothly as possible.

The consolidation of companies also provides a way to improve a company's operations and increase productivity. After the merger, each company's ownership structure will be changed and its financial history will be standardized. Because the shared servers and network infrastructure are so diverse, this significantly reduces the time and effort required to re-engineer the systems.

By setting up a virtual data room, companies can transfer assets from one server to another and switch to new operating systems with relative ease. As well, all the software needed to manage the merger and acquisition process is shared by the partners and not by each company.

Through this method, information and other forms of information can be exchanged. For example, when a company needs to exchange data on a financial statement, it can do so quickly and easily through a simple web interface.

In addition, once a company has received its certificate, the servicing provider is able to access the databases and the systems and download the software needed to convert the files to a usable format. All of this, of course, is done remotely.

Companies can benefit from the benefits of mergers and acquisitions. But before joining a company, it is crucial to do your research and take the necessary steps to secure the best deal for the best possible outcome.


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