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Important Principles For Teaching English As Second Language

Posted by dolly on May 23rd, 2020

English is the second most spoken language in the world. Almost the whole of the world can communicate effortlessly when all inmates are speaking this language. It is the popularity of this language that has made English Language Teaching an important program. Many institutes train teachers so that they can impart coaching to English learners in a globally accepted and recognized manner. There are certain principles that the learning experts advise the teachers to follow while coaching students who learn English as their second language.

  1. Impart English coaching in need-centric manner
    To make English language teaching more need-centric, teachers should strike an informal conversation with the students. They can encourage them to talk about their backgrounds, origins, first language, area of work, extent of use of English around them and at work, etc. All these pointers help in creating a student-specific teaching program. Remember that English is a very vast language. No one can expect students to imbibe everything about the language in limited time of the coaching term. Thus, to make the teaching period more yielding, it is better to know students better.

  2. Pay attention to quality lesson delivery
    Lesson delivery need not be quite mechanical in feel. It has to be enriched with the instances, practical usage of English, mock conversations and story-telling so that the students can understand the applicability in a better manner. They can even develop social scripts in English language from the way lesson is delivered to them.

  3. Make environment more inspirational for learning
    Students are anyway scared of English language and are suffering from low confidence issues. Pressurizing them further with more overwhelming environment can go only against the class objectives and teachers are likely to register more drop outs during the term. Thus, it is essential to create positive atmosphere in classroom that encourages students to ask more, interact better and stick to the program till its completion. Encourage more participation by incentivizing all activities so that learners clear all their doubts and their take away is substantial in all aspects.

  4. Conduct assessment regularly and provide proper reading material
    It is very important to assess the students regularly during the course of English teaching. ELT publishing companieshave books that contain lots of assessment papers and practice tests. These books can be provided for giving homework and also for preparing for assessments. With the help of correct support of books and reading material, students of English language are inclined to do better and devote more time in learning and practicing. All these developments should be assessed to find how learning has improved over the period of time. There will always be a demarcation between slow learners and fast learners. To let slow learners catch up, the teaching style has to be altered basis the response given by the students.

  5. Enrich teaching abilities through community learning
    Community learning is a practical and feasible way of enriching the teaching capabilities. By discussing and sharing the classroom experiences, teachers can find solutions to certain problems they face while coaching. Macmillan Education runs various community learning programs where teachers can come together and learn from each other about newer techniques of teaching, problem solving, etc. Sometimes, a teacher tends to stick to a particular teaching pattern that may not yield desired results. With the help of sharing knowledge and experience, the teachers can bring change in the way they impart English teaching.

In addition to improving teaching practices, Macmillan education books for English teaching can also be referred to for achieving better results through language coaching. All the principles point at the importance of making learning easy and practical. So, teachers must follow these principles while conducting English learning courses.

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