Benefits Of Having Open Shelving In Your Kitchen

Posted by Poundshopguru on May 23rd, 2020

One of the most common kitchen design trends in the last couple of years has been open shelving. You can elegantly showcase your items, like books in a bookshelf. It is a design which can bring elegance and practicality to any kitchen. Let’s check out more benefits if having open shelving in your kitchen.

Here are the advantages offered by open shelving in a kitchen:

It Increases The Storage Option:

Another pro to having open shelves is that it makes unloading groceries a dream. You no longer have to comb through your cabinets looking for free space. Now it's quick and easy. Consider having floating shelves to maximize every inch, so that cans and boxes won’t bump into bulky support brackets. Space shelves at least 14 inches apart so that you can fit all items like jars of pasta sauce or boxes of crackers. 

Keep cereals and other tall boxes on the top shelf of the kitchen.

It’s Inexpensive:

If you want to give your kitchen a new appearance and don’t want to spend a lot on it then open shelving is a very budget-friendly option. Its installation is very easy and inexpensive. As you have to display your kitchen accessories and food products you can arrange them in different ways as you want to.

You Find Things Very Easily:

Open shelves let you easily find what you need and see what needs restocking. To complement the open shelving, corral similar items in the baskets. Keep snacks in one basket and baking supplies in another. Not only it helps in the organization but it also looks nicer. Use glass jars to store items efficiently. Not only are they eye-pleasing but they also serve visual cue for when you are running low.

It’s Ideal To Display Your Less Used Crockery:

It is the perfect spot to keep less frequently used items, one of them which are your expensive crockery. You don’t use these much but these can be a great showpiece.

It Helps You To Stay Organized:

It promotes regular cleaning as you can’t hide things at the back of your cabinet. As everything is visible on these shelves you will know when to clean these and this will help you to stay organized.

It Good For Odd Corners:

These shelves are perfect for places that are odd and you don’t want to spend a lot of money to get custom work done.

It Is Warm And Welcoming For The Guests:

Your guest feels like they are at home because of these shelves as they can help themselves with whatever they need without needing to ask. 

The Kitchen Areas Look Brighter:

If you feel your kitchen area looks a bit dull due to all the cabinets then go for open shelves. These make the Food Cupboard Storage Banbury look bigger and brighter.

Having open shelving in your kitchen pantry is a win-win. Not only is it visually pleasing, but it also helps with the organization. 

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