How to choose the right furniture that suits your home?

Posted by John Astle on May 23rd, 2020

Let’s be honest; a house without furniture is nothing more than a tall-standing concrete enclosure. The furniture makes a home cozy and comfortable; it adds layers, it increases the house’s quality, and most importantly, it contributes to the beauty of the house.

Choosing and purchasing the furniture can be stressful because the style and design of the furniture should match your house and should last at least for a good couple of years. Keep in mind, there is no wrong way to design a home, after all, your house should display your individuality and modus operandi, but directions may help.

Here are some furniture tips for your inner-stylist to assemble a social-media worthy house.

1- Choose every room’s vibe:

By identifying the way you want to feel in every corner of your house, you can narrow down your inspirations. Allow every room to have a different story; the best way is by identifying the vibe like Comfy living room, relaxed bedroom, energized kitchen and colourful library. It will help you to choose the fabric, colour and appearance for your furniture. 

2- Choose durable materials:

Furniture Stores in Markham uses a variety of materials to prepare the furniture. The materials usually include aluminum, steel and iron; they get welded firmly to prepare frames for the bed, sofas, dressers and many more. However, the solid wood frames will generally last much longer and are the standard for fine furniture.

3- Pick the right texture:

Applying stain or finish colour to an exposed wood is essential; this final texture of stain or colour can dramatically alter any piece of wooden furniture. You can easily transform any basic piece to a contemporary or modern look. For instance, adding cherry stain to a black piece can showcase earthy yet warm tone, whereas painting a mahogany piece with white paint appears more feminine.

4- Choose the right fabric:

Choose the fabric based on the usage of the furniture. Even though the light-coloured fabrics can look appropriate for a formal living room, foyer, or bedroom, but it can get dirty quickly and may require frequent washes. Hence, the good old, medium coloured fabrics can play the right tricks.

5- Choose the correct size:

Bulky furniture will eat up your space and will not do any justice to the interiors. Measure out space and custom-make the new furniture or choose pre-made pieces that fit right into the intended area.

Bottom line

There are infinite directions you can take while selecting furniture for your house. But keeping these simple guidelines in mind while purchasing the furniture online or through a local shop can make your purchase empowering.

If you are looking for reliable furniture stores in Toronto, then connect with DeRucci for quality furniture that will suit your living space.

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