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Impact of Debt on your Credit Report

Posted by akshay4220 on May 24th, 2020

The credit report registers your debts and payments details, including credit cards and loans. The report has detailed advice on your own loan status and repayments of charge card outstanding invoices. The report takes note of this advice of the loans that are on-going and the ones which were settled, partially paid, or defaulted. Your credit score is generated according to this record. Let's observe that much debt can favorably influence your own credit report. 

Timely payments improve credit score For any sort of debt, so it is very important to really make the payments by the due date or within the said due date. In addition to improving your credit score, periodic EMI obligations on loans or credit cards make a positive opinion on the creditor and establish your credibility as a lump-sum lender. 

Credit Utilization Ratio (CUR) –  this is actually the ratio between your available and used borrowing limit. For instance, for those who have a credit card limit of INR 10,000 and invest in INR 6,000, your CUR is currently 60 percent. In order to get a good credit score, a CUR of 30 percent is considered desirable. For this reason, it is possible to limit your credit card use and opt for a personal loan instead. This will balance your CUR and make a diverse portfolio. 

How do different forms of debts benefit your credit report?

Once we are aware of the different debt products out there on the market, it's crucial to understand how each of the services and products help create a good, strong credit report. A mix of debts that are chosen to make a nice and wholesome credit for future borrowings. 

Credit cards – These financial tools come handy when you incur short term expenses. If used wisely, these may impact your credit score favorably. The charge utilization ratio and also timely obligations help determine how responsibly a borrower services his debts. 

Secured loans/Long-term loans – A bonded loan, such as a mortgage, is actually a debt which needs you to guarantee an asset in order to receive a loan. Such loans are loans which can be dispersed over more tenures. Such loans help determine the consistency of a borrower to pay back the obligations related to the loan. If timely these loans support your credit report heavily. 

Short-term loans – Debt products such as Advance Salary Loan  can be found in handy when one is in need of short term debt, even during a temporary shortfall of money. Yet, you have to ensure that you close your loan in time. This highlights your capability to pay off your debts within your cash flow. 

Debt Consolidation –  Should you choose to consolidate your debts together with the help of tools like personal loan or credit card take over loan, a lender can gauge how sensibly you determine your own ongoing debts. A smart borrower chooses the crucial measures to safeguard his credit worth in any respect.

 Using a blend of different kinds of debt services and products sooner or later in life will assure you a healthy credit report also adds value into your own credit score. Lenders consider many factors while analyzing your profile before being critical regarding giving you capital. Ergo, you need to plan and examine your debts timely being part of financial planning and debt management.

 Importance of Having a Healthy Credit Score

A healthy credit score or report will help you in these ways:

  • Quick and easy approval for loans and credit cards 

  • Availing Higher loan amount or credit card limits 

  • Acquiring a Lower interest rates on loans  

  • Get Credit Cards with better incentives, offers and gains  


Personal loan is a smart choice for enjoying the material comforts of life. If chosen wisely, they can strengthen your portfolio and improve your financial health. Choose wisely and make the best of the available financial products.

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