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Top tips for writing a captivating explanatory video script

Posted by Mords1944 on May 24th, 2020

The script for a 60-second explanatory video (ideally) only supports up to 160 words. Therefore, it is quite a difficult task to identify what to write in a script and how to write it, so that viewers have to watch the video all the way through and are convinced to take some action afterwards.

Here are some tips that could help you write a captivating explanatory video script.

Tip # 1. View your script before writing it

Despite the fact that the elements (voiceover, visual and sound effects) of an explanatory video are essentially 'assembled' to form the final video, an explanatory video should not 'appear' assembled. In other words, these elements must be perfectly synchronized with each other to ensure that the video is perceived as a cohesive unit. To ensure that synergy, ideally, a screenwriter and storyboard artist should brainstorm and visualize a concept, before writing a screenplay. (You may be a professional as a writer, but as a visualizer, a storyboard artist would probably be better.)

If it's not a feasible option for you (as a writer) to sit down and brainstorm with a storyboard artist, you should at least envision a concept for yourself before writing a script. This approach not only gives you an address as you type, but also helps you develop a framework for building a script.

Tip # 2. Write to solve typical customer problems

An effective way to write an engaging script is to first talk about the typical issues your prospects are facing and then present your service/product as promising and capable of solving those issues. When your potential customers watch such an Animated video service, they identify with those issues and begin to view your offer as a suitable solution.

Tip # 3. Talk to your audience

When writing an explanatory video script, you should be aware that it will not be read, it will be heard. Therefore, your script should be written in such a way that it directly addresses your viewers by using words like 'you' and 'yours'. Using these second-person pronouns adds a personal touch to the message and makes viewers feel that someone is speaking directly to them. Therefore, it is a good way to engage your prospects to fully see their explanatory video.

Tip # 4. Use each word wisely

As mentioned above, a 60 second explanatory video script uses around 150-160 words. If you try to use more words than that, the voiceover sounds fast. Since there are hardly 160 words, you must spend them like a miser. Once you have fully written the script, correct it and delete unnecessary words, delete repetitive phrases, and cut out long sentences.

Tip # 5. Build a story

The reason a well-told story is always memorable is that it builds from one event to another. And an event builds on the previous event. The memory of the whole story, therefore, begins to build from the bottom (beginning) and continues to build sequentially, until the end.

When you have to communicate through an explanatory video, it is a good idea to weave a story around your offer. When you use this approach, your customers are likely to remember your message for a long time.

Tip # 6. Use a sense of humor

Humor is an attraction that naturally goes well with the animation technique. In fact, it is easy to incorporate humor into explanatory videos by using punting techniques and / or rhetorical devices such as exaggeration, pun, personification, etc. Humor makes his script (voiceover) fun and engaging.

Tip # 7. Use simple words

When writing a script, you should always remember that an explanatory video is supposed to simply be a communication process rather than complicate it. Therefore, your explanatory video script should use simple language to explain what it is supposed to do.

Tip # 8. If possible use analogy

The best thing about animation as a communication technique is that it could be used to beautifully transform even an abstract idea into a discernible piece of communication. By using a suitable analogy verbally or visually, you can present your complex idea in a simple way.

Tip # 9. Have a Boomerang conclusion

A good way to end your video is by recreating your opening scenes, at the end. I like to call this a 'boomerang conclusion' as it brings the viewer to the note where the video started. Having a boomerang ending sums up the video message and ends it on a memorable note.

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