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When should not drink tea?

Posted by naturalpuerh on May 24th, 2020

Natural puerh CO., LTD is established in Kunming in 2019, which is 100% invested by Hongkong company. Our Hongkong company has more than 70 years experiences in variety of food process techniques, and we are mainly supply semi-product materials and finish products like chili, soy sauce, pickles, fruit can...etc. to famous factories in Taiwan and Japan.

Drinking tea is very popular in China. Drinking tea regularly is beneficial to the human body, it can promote food digestion and refresh the mind. However, tea is not available for every period of time, but sometimes it is not suitable for drinking tea. Even if you want to drink tea, you should exercise restraint. Now, the editor says when can’t drink tea? You should remember that drinking tea scientifically is better for your health.

1. When taking medicine.
It has been handed down from generations to generations that it is not possible to drink tea when taking medicine, because tea can reduce the efficacy and benefit of medicine.
2. Before going to bed.
Everyone knows that tea water is helpful for refreshing, so it is best not to drink tea for an hour before you rest, otherwise you will not sleep for a long time.

3. When you lose your energy.
Under normal circumstances, doze can be refreshed with tea water, but often use tea to wake up doze will stimulate your nerves, your nerves will become very fragile in the long run, which is very bad for you.
4. When the mouth is dry.
Don’t drink tea when your mouth is dry, because your blood concentration is very high at this time, you need to dilute the blood concentration, and the concentration of tea is very high, it is not suitable to drink at this time.
5. When I woke up just now.
Sleep from night to morning, at least for about 8 hours. At this time, the liquid concentration in the body is high, and boiled water is needed to dilute the detoxification. The concentration of tea is too high to help detoxification.

6. When sick.
When some minor illnesses do not need to take medicine, it is best to eat some light food and drink white water. The human body is very weak at this time. If you drink some water with other benefits randomly, it is not conducive to your health.
7. People with high blood pressure.
People with high blood pressure can't drink some water with too high concentration, so tea water is not suitable for this kind of people. Such people still need to consult a doctor.

8. Avoid drinking tea if you have a fever.
The caffeine in tea can not only increase the body temperature, but also reduce the benefit of medicine.
Drinking tea is not suitable for everyone. It is affected by personal constitution, physiology, disease and other aspects. Such people as suffering from neurasthenia or intractable insomnia, severe anemia, calcium deficiency or fracture, stomach ulcer, gout, severe liver, Patients with kidney disease and pregnant women should not drink too much tea.

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