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Can we learn English from Video Games?

Posted by boostingground on May 26th, 2020

Can You Learn English From Video Games?

Video games are extremely popular all around the world today, and provide people from a diverse variety of cultures and backgrounds with fun times and good camaraderie with friends. But what if video games could also help non-native English speakers to learn the language. Is this a possibility at all? There has been much thought and consideration on this question, so we went to great lengths to find the answer. And depending on who you are, the answer may surprise you!

How Games Engage Players in the English Language?

The vast majority of games today feature deep storylines that are relayed to the player in the English language. The storylines are communicated in both text form on the screen and verbal text that’s spoken and heard by the player. Not all game players pay close attention to a game’s story, instead preferring to skip the text/audio cutscenes and go straight to the gameplay. However, most players want to take in the story and consume the English words and audio coming to them.

This sounds like it would help non-English speakers to learn the English language, as they take in English in both text and audio form. But is there evidence they can completely learn the language this way?

Reading English Text During Gameplay

Many people think that new languages are learned through classes, and that only by having instruction in a new language we can learn to both read and speak it. While this works for some people in learning a new language, the fact is that everyone learns their first language through both reading text and hearing words spoken to them for the very first time.

Many non-English speaking gamers get their very first experience reading English text from game cutscenes as well as signs and words during gameplay. This is precisely how everyone learns words in their first language as they’re growing up, and the ability to learn a new language this way doesn’t go away in adulthood.

Hearing English Audio During Gameplay

Just as everyone learns to read in their native language through seeing written words during their early childhood, so too do people learn how to speak their native language by hearing it spoken to them by adults during this time. As with the written text example we gave above, people are able to learn to speak new languages simply by hearing it spoken over time. Since video games today usually feature extensive cutscenes where English dialogue is spoken, there is ample evidence already that one can learn English from video games. But what do

Pros and Cons of Learning English from Video Games

A huge factor in learning and comprehending a new language quickly is being forced to use this information in daily situations. This includes not only the real-world situations of day to day life, but even the artificial realities that are made by video games. This is what is known as “immersion-based learning” (also frequently known as “contextual learning”).

This is exactly how people learn new languages when they move abroad to a new country. The fact that they are now forced to use this information in their daily lives or have a harder time is linked to the ability to learn a language in a faster manner than by taking courses or studying.

Now, there is a bit of a difference between immersing yourself in a foreign language game and immersing yourself in an actual day-to-day life change that requires you learn a foreign language. There may be an argument that’s its better to learn from the latter, because your life is far more dependent on getting by in a foreign country than understanding the story of a game. However, this criticism is likely minor because in both cases you’re immersing yourself in the language – and the mental process of trying to understand the words and sentences is exactly the same.

Another example of the effectiveness of immersion is seen in the highest-level foreign language courses in both high schools and colleges. While the basic-level language courses are generally taught in English and you learn the words and phrases in a very standard manner, the higher-level courses are completely instructed via the foreign language of your teacher or professor. Again, this forces the student to begin understanding the language as fast as they can, or else they start to fall behind! This forces nearly every student to begin to understand the language.

There are even entire language courses that are designed around immediate immersion into both the written and spoken word of the language people are trying to learn. The Berlitz program is one example of this type of program.

The Evidence Shows that Video Games Can Help You Learn English

All this evidence shows without a shadow of a doubt that video games can help non-English speakers to learn English. When a person plays a video game with English text and/or audio, they’re immediately immersed in the language in a manner that’s no different than being in a total immersion class or moving to a city where they’re totally immersed in the language. In order to understand what’s going on, they have to immediately start trying to understand the language, which in turn will help the player begin to learn.

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