Aion Strategy Guides - Tips To Improve Your Leveling

Posted by k280668993 on September 12th, 2012

Using Aion strategy guides made me see how easy everything can be. I decided to use them because as the game was new and unique in some ways, I didn't want to waste too much time on every level. There are many wonderful things to experience in Aion Online, and leveling isn't really one diablo 3 gold of them, that is why I wanted to get that out of the way quick. After using Aion strategy guides for a while, I came up with a few tips that i thought I should share with everyone.

1. Leveling in Aion is a bit different than other games because you'll need to grind a lot. In order to be effective at it you must gear up your toon accordingly. That means that you need to go for full damage. I have a Cleric and even though I could use Chain armor, I used Cloth for the extra magic damage boosts while keeping my mace and shield for the extra manastone slots.

2. When doing quests, don't avoid mobs, only those buy diablo 3 gold you can't kill. Everything else must die. Stealthing through mobs or running away from them will have bad results on your overall XP. So remember, kill everything you can even when using Aion strategy guides.

3. Most Aion strategy guides will tell you this too, GATHER EVERYTHING. Keeping your gathering skill up is very important for leveling as well because as you progress there will be quests that will tell you to gather all sorts of materials. If you are behind on your skill, you'll have to waste time to get it up.

4. I haven't found this next tip in the Aion strategy guides I used. When at level 9, you'll get the Ascension quest. This will be your priority. Drop everything you are doing and go do this quest. The reward for it will be level 10. No matter how much XP you already have, or if you don't have any at all you will get to level 10 just by finishing this quest. Killing mobs at level 9 will therefore be pointless.

5. Another useful tip that I'm not sure you'll find in Aion strategy guides has something to do with PvP. From about level 25 you'll go to the Abyss, where you will try to level up while fending off ganking players. By using your chat box you can create and early warning system. Simply modify a combat channel to show all Enemy activity. This way you'll know if an enemy player is near you even before you see him on your minimap.

You see, leveling in Aion can be easy if you prepare. Guild Wars 2 Gold There's no such thing as progressing to slow when there are so many useful tools we can use, like these Aion strategy guides.

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