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Different Types of Clicking Method

Posted by cpstest on May 26th, 2020

Initially, gamers used the Kohi Click Test to improve their gaming skills for Minecraft, but as time elapsed the click speed test transformed into a competitive game in itself. There are multiple methods of clicking the mouse that players use to score a better CPS. Although it sounds unusual, it has become quite a pass-time competitive game. Below is the common clicking method that most gamers use.


Regular Clicking:


As the name suggests, regular clicking is the conventional way to click the mouse. It is a method that most of us do on a day to day basis while accessing the computer. The technique is good for people that want to play the game as a pass-time rather than competing.



Using the method, players can score an average CPS of 4-6 clicks per second. But people who have mastered the technique can extend their score to even 8 CPS. The only major drawback is that players can’t score higher CPS using the method. It is best to switch to other means of clicking for gamers that hope to score higher CPS.


Butterfly Clicking:


Butterfly clicking method is a recent but controversial breakthrough. The technique involves rapid finger spasms, where players use two fingers and strike the mouse alternatively to get more clicks over a short period. While they lift one finger, the other finger hits the mouse multiple times.


It is common knowledge that technique can score higher CPS as players use multiple fingers. The firm grip of two fingers allows players to have greater control over the clicking.


Players can score close to 20-25 CPS using the technique. The only pitfall of the method is that most servers ban the practice, including Minecraft. People claim that Minecraft registers only a maximum of 4CPS.


But as mentioned above, clicking speed test has become a game by itself. Therefore many players practice the butterfly clicking method to score higher CPS.


Drag Clicking:


Drag click is a very unconventional way of clicking the mouse where players register hundreds of clicks in a single drag. It is not possible to use the method for Minecraft PvP combats. For this method, a gamer uses a sticky finger mouse whereby upon dragging it can register hundreds of clicks.


The method is best for people that want to score the highest on the Kohi click test. Players can make an unmatched score using the method.


Jitter Clicking:


Jitter clicking is another way of clicking whereby players strain their arm or hand. The technique is not easy to learn and requires a lot of practice. It is recommended to start with short bursts and then gradually build stamina to jitter for longer.


Initially, it will be impossible to aim and click at the same time, but once a player learns to control the shaking, then they can score better. Those who have mastered the style do it with such ease that their hands don’t seem to be moving.


Auto Clickers:


While all the above methods are manual, programmers have developed scripts that simulate mouse clicks. Although this method is not genuine, people used it just for fun.


There are plenty of programs available online that can automate the clicking process. Auto clickers can register up to thousands of clicks per second, depending on the Auto Clicker.



Click speed
Jitter Hard 10-14



Medical Complications Due to Clicking


The regular method of clicking has no physical risks. However, Jitter and Butterfly clicking both can lead to severe medical conditions of continued for an extended period. It is common knowledge among the pro clickers that Jitter clicking can lead to arthritis due to the friction in the joints.


There is no medical problem if a player does it a few times a day; it only affects those who do it many times a day for an extended period.


Carpal tunnelling is another issue that people get while they use these techniques. Carpal tunnelling is a condition where the wrist gets worn out due to continuous vibrations from Jitter clicking.


Although there is no medical evidence to support any of the claims, it is common knowledge among avid clickers.


The above details provide a brief on Kohi click test and the various methods people choose to score higher CPS. Players can try any of the clicking methods to get maximum clicks on the Kohi click test.

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