There are some key moving items that one should use to pack items successfully.

Posted by AmandaTom on September 14th, 2012

Moving day is one of the most exciting and dreaded days of anyone moving to a new home, condo or apartment. You pile your boxes and it is sent to your new venue through a moving truck or van. However, before that memorable day, you have to undergo that grueling task of getting your stuff into the moving boxes. Now that can be a big issue especially if you do not know your options. Let us identify the essential; moving supplies that you have to get in order to have a more organized moving experience with little to no problems.

Moving boxes

These are your quintessential moving items. While clothing and small gadgets can be stored in brief cases or luggage, many other items still have to be rummaged together for easy transportation. The moving boxes are made of durable cardboard material with reinforced bottom part so that the weight of the items will not tear the box useless. The moving boxes also can be stored for other purposes if you successfully utilize your boxes. It is ideal to purchase enough boxes based on the number of items or the total weight of items that you are putting in boxes.

Bubble wraps

These moving supplies can be considered as splurges for some since there are other alternatives that you can use to keep items from breaking. However, the bubble wraps are incredibly useful if you are to cover items with irregular shapes. From champagne flutes to figurines, these can protect your items from getting damaged. It is ideal that you get just enough bubble wrap since they most of the time, they are not useful when you remove the items since the tape could destroy the bubble wrap and a lot of people like popping them after use.

Tapes and other adhesives

Packaging tapes are ideal in securing the boxes. Duct tape is also a good option but be reminded that they are extremely hardtop remove. Only use duct tape if your box contents need extra security. For the most part, regular brown or clear packaging tapes are sufficient. They are filmy in nature and are easier to apply. Duct tape has an additional fibrous layer making it more difficult to break and replace. If you want to use the moving boxes again, do not use duct tape since this could damage the box surface and you might not be able to make good use of the box if it is damaged.

Markers and labeling tools

The last thing you want is rummaging across all the boxes, opening them up and trying to find items. While having a print of your product inventory is necessary, you have to make sure that you label each box using these moving supplies. In certain cases, color coordinating them makes the box less unscrupulous instead of writing the name of owner or the room where they should be placed, markers and labeling tools are moving supplies that will save you the drama of having to find all items after the move

Moving soon? We have all the moving supplies you need to make the move a lot easier and fun. From moving boxes to other supplies, get all the items you need at the best prices available.

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