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Posted by juliabennet on September 16th, 2012

There are literally billions of websites on the Internet, most of which can be reached through a search engine, such as Google. Making all of these websites, along with the thousands that are added daily, easily traceable to these search engines can be done by search engine optimisation Cornwall, or Cornwall SEO.

It is important to note that Cornwall in the context of this article refers only to the geographic area and not any particular company. To continue on topic, the way search engines work is they send out what are referred to as bots or web crawlers to various sites. Each bot is given a specific set of links to visit. The bot goes to the link and checks out the page. It uses a variety of sophisticated programming and algorithms to determine if the site has already been indexed in the search engines records. If it has not been indexed already, the bot obtains information about the site, typically through what is known as metadata.

The metadata gives the bots all kinds of information about the site, including who owns the site, changes made to the site, how much traffic the site gets, keywords and phrases used on the site and so on. Google currently uses over 200 different factors when indexing and ranking a site. In fact, Google was the first to have page ranking technology of the caliber that it uses. SEOs, search engine optimisers, are the people or services that are hired to help make websites more accessible and easier to index.

A Cornwall SEO would have to take many factors into consideration when optimizing a website for a client. First, they need to know how the search engines work. Not all search engines use the same technology, and many of them actually have patents on their page ranking and indexing technologies. SEOs also need to know what kinds of things people search for when they are on the internet. This is tied to the actual search terms and keywords that are typed into the search engines.

Finally, a good SEO gathers information about which search engine is preferred by the target audience. The whole point to search engine optimisation in Cornwall is to provide a service to website owners in that area with a way to make their websites more user and search friendly and to help increase the page ranking for the site within a particular list of search results. They focus on making the content of the website relevant to users.

Search engines can actually cause quite an uproar and even remove a site from its index when they try to do things like stuff their site full of frequently searched keywords so that it comes up more often, even though keywords are not always relevant to the content of the site. They also try to cover all the different search terms that could be used for finding such content.

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