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Posted by juliabennet on September 16th, 2012

For SEO companies in Cornwall, and even the rest of the world, there are many methods that can be used to provide their clients with the things they need to make their website or web page more accessible to search engines. In particular, there are two categories that apply to the methods used by SEO companies Cornwall.

Search engine optimisation methods can be divided into two categories: black hat and white hat techniques.

Black hat techniques are those that typically result in abusing the weaknesses of the algorithms that are used to give a web page its ranking within a list of search results. Such techniques can involve seeding popular search terms into a web page even though the actual content of the page may not be related to the terms. Another method is known as cloaking, where the site will actually provide different pages based on whether a bot, which is used by search engines to index sites, or a human is trying to access the page. These methods are not approved of by most search engines and they will either lower the rank of an offender or even remove the web page from the search engine index, rendering it as unsearchable through that particular search engine.

White hat techniques are the ones that search engines approve of as meeting their guidelines as well as involving no deceptions between the actual content of the page and the index on the search engine. SEO companies Cornwall use white hat techniques for serving their clients, as employing black hat techniques would give them a bad reputation with potential clients and search engines alike.  SEO companies in Cornwall utilise many different methods for making web pages more accessible to search engines and users.  Sometimes they will change the actual coding used to create the site to tie it to certain keywords and to remove barriers that are involved in the indexing process of search engines.

Page rank is decided based on a variety of factors, but one of the strongest factors is the number and quality of links that are made to that particular page. Another white hat method employed by SEO companies in Cornwall is to make a particular topic be reachable through a variety of search terms.

For example, someone who has created a web page with information about Australian wildlife could include the keyword for each individual animal mentioned, Australian wildlife, Australian wild animals, wild animals of Australia, and so on. This makes it so that a larger number of search terms can be used to bring the page up in search engine results.

SEO Companies in Cornwall work to not only help their client get their web page further up in the results list for a search, but they also help to ensure that the content is relevant to the search terms and that it hasn’t just been copied over from some other site. This helps to ensure that the list of results do not contain multiple results for the same site or page, therefore giving searchers access to more results overall.

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