Huge Butt Plugs; How They Work

Posted by Peytonsmith on May 27th, 2020

Jessica is 22 years old, and she believes in the power of huge butt plugs. According to her, it gives a sensation that is hard to get, even with the penetration of a penis.

Butt plugs are one of the few sex toys attracting the likes of many. They are pleasurable and penetrate quickly. Hardly will you see a user who didn't enjoy the feeling.

Among these set of sex toys are huge butt plugs that are irresistible when gaining penetration, while also giving a sensational feeling.

This tool also helps to increase and enlighten the sex life of an individual or a couple.

How to use huge butt plugs

Why do people opt for something like this? What do they find pleasurable in a butt plug? These questions were asked by many, and they got answers by trying it out.

If you hear someone say she doesn't find butt plugs attractive, then they probably don't know how to use one.

The process involves a slow start, and most importantly, you need to feel relaxed. If necessary, you can masturbate and warm up your butt hole. Users aren't meant to feel any pain at all, so ensure you put yourself at ease. Caressing your body sounds like a perfect way to enjoy the experience.

Keep in mind the types of butt connectors: silicon, glass, and metal-based plugs. Silicone is highly recommended for starters; however, it mustn't be used with silicone lube. Reversely, a glass or metal connector works well with the said lube.

What makes huge butt plugs preferable?

A couple of partners out there, trying to enjoy their sex life, still haven't had anal sex. Some linger because they can't take the feeling yet.

The vagina and anus are close accomplices, and they are more sensitive than you think. If you doubt, try using a butt plug while having sex with your partner. You'll find out that the feeling is different and much more pleasurable. This enhanced feeling is because the plug, when inserted, reduces the broadness of the vagina.

It is also likely for it to reach the A-Spot, likewise known as the Anterior Fornix Zone.

Safe to say, this blended experience is highly in place for those who wish to enjoy more of their sex life. You may need to make new purchases within weeks or months, as the plug might seem smaller.


Earplugs, spark plugs, butt plugs, they are all penetrative, and they stay in. Butt plugs, precisely, go into your anus, and so, they carry bacteria on their surface. You must ensure that, while buying one, it shouldn't have any space for absorbance.

Also, sanitize frequently. Remember that the butt is less lubricating than the vagina, hence, use lube always.

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