Read This Before You Buy A Flabelos Machine

Posted by juliabennet on September 18th, 2012

Before you make up your mind whether to rent a Flabelos machine or not, read the following question and answers. This will help you make up your mind regarding the same.

Is this machine fit to be used by older people?
Now that you have asked, you must know that we have 90 year olds who buy or rent a Flabelos machine and uses it almost daily. The Flabelos machines are the perfect defense against osteoporosis and it helps in improving the blood flow. An old person can simply sit at his or her own chair and put the feet on the Flabelos machine and tone up the body. This is particularly important for those people who have been advised physical exercises but are not able to do it, due to stamina and weakness and other issues. Buy a Flabelos machine and do easy work out while sitting at home.

Can the children use the Flabelos machine?
Most certainly, you can rent a Flabelos machine for the kid in your family. Although, the kid should be out there in the sun, playing basket ball or soccer with his group of chums, but if the child feels shy from stepping out, owing to his weight issues, you can simply buy a vibration plate from Flabelos and help him lose weight while remaining indoors. And who knows, in due time, he would get his self confidence back as he loses weight and in no time, he would be ready to face on the world.

However, we also advice that you consult a doctor prior to getting a Flabelos vibration plate for your child; though we do not see any harm to buy a Flabelos machine, it is just a precautionary measure.

Can I lose weight with the help of Flabelos vibration plate?
Of course you can. This is the sole motive of the Flabelos vibration plate. When you buy a vibration plate by Flabelos, you are able to tone up your muscles. As you step on the vibration plate by Flabelos, your entire body shakes and internally, you tries to strike a balance between the oscillating vibration plates. As you try to balance yourself out, the muscles from the inside contract and the muscles clench and unclench much faster, as compared to their usual speed. This, in turn increases the flow of blood in your body, it rushes through the blood capillaries really fast and produces heat. The heat and heavy blood flow helps in removing the toxins from the body. As the blood is heating up and you are reducing toxins from your body, the fat is broken down and energy is released to the body. Hence, the toxins and the wastes are lost either through sweat or through urine, and you end up losing weight and toning down your body.

Buy a Flabelos machine breaking down toxins?
Yes, it most certainly does. As explained above, when you buy a Flabelos machine and work out on it for a session or two, it helps in increasing the blood flow, which in turns increases speed and helps you lose body toxins. The toxins are released either in the sweat or through urine and you end up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Thus, now you must be sure whether you should buy or rent a Flabelos machine. Buy or rent it, for all the good reasons, you have got nothing to lose.

To buy a Flabelos machine is much more expensive than to rent a Flabelos machine.

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