How to gauge the authenticity of Opal Jewellery

Posted by maryparker on September 20th, 2012

Opal jewellery has gained a lot of importance in today’s world.  The nature of the stone and the ability to reflect the entire color spectrum makes it a complete charmer. With growing popularity and trend of opal ornaments, many jewelers have started making fake stones that has a misleading effect on the customers. Due to these problems, a customer should know the basic facts about testing the authenticity of every piece of the opal ornament he wishes to invest in, whether it is a white gold opal ring or a statement necklace. Here are some guidelines that might help you in the process.

There are some common and simple mistakes which a jeweler makes and if you have close eye, you can easily spot them. The fake opal jewellery comes with synthetic stones and man made stones which are generally known as doublets and triplets. The difference between these and a real authentic white gold opal ring would be that the original will always have a crystal like body whereas the ring made of fake stone tends to have a body in darker shade that is closer to  color black. This is not very difficult to detect and could be done with a single look.

From time to time women have always been fascinated by jewellery and that is the main reason why our grandmothers and mothers save up beautiful piece to be passed on to generations. You always want to have that perfect jewellery piece to go with your outfit which would add a touch of royalty to your look. You could always depend on white gold opal ring from the collection of Opal jewellery to do this for you. This piece of ornament would make you stand out in a crowd and would definitely serve as a head turner. However, you need to be quite careful while choosing an authentic piece of opal ring.

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to differentiate an original one from a fake one. This is because; manufacturers of fake Opal jewellery take immense care in the forensic labs to replicate the original jewels. However, the structure of a fake opal piece say that of an white gold opal ring cannot be the same as an original one. All you need to do is flip to the backside of the ring and look for any traces of plastic or hard material. Also, original pieces would display no irregularities. Make sure you are careful about these factors while investing in an expensive piece of jewelry.

The best way to avoid such problems is to choose a jewellery shop or online jewellery outlet that specializes in Opal jewellery. Such shops that are known for their reputation would go to any lengths to assure their customers that their products are genuine. You could also look for some sort of certification or grading provided by the seller when you are buying a white gold opal ring. In this manner, you would be able to avoid any kind of disappointments and waste of money.

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