Use personalized lanyards as tool for employee engagement

Posted by juliabennet on September 20th, 2012

Some companies spend millions of dollars every year for the purpose of employee engagement. Good for them because they have become big enough to be able to spend so much on engaging their employees. But not every company can afford to spend millions for engaging their employees. In fact, most companies fall into this category. But there are some very tangible ways engagement can be built. For example, personalized lanyards are not expensive but they are extremely engaging. Wearing printed lanyards bearing the name and logo of the company is always a matter of pride for employees.

Most people are in love with the company they work for. This is true even for people that work for the smallest companies around. Why do employees leave? They leave because of other people. Statistics shows that 75% people leave their bosses and not their companies. As long as someone is employed with a company they are absolutely in love with it. And when the company gives its employees personalized lanyards to wear the employees simply love the idea. And printed lanyards are so inexpensive that any company can buy these items in bulk quantities and hand them over to all the employees.

There are some very small things that can increase employee engagement and morale. While events and other celebration work very well there are small elements that contribute a lot. When employees get to wear personalized lanyards they feel more attached to their employer because they can see the name and logo of their employer every time they take out their lanyards and wear them. If you know about branding and promotion you would know that every company tries their best to remain visible to the masses. Employees are the internal customers of a company and this is why it is important that these printed lanyards are used for visibility.

Personalized lanyards, apart from building employee engagement also serve another important purpose. Since the identification cards of the employees are attached to the lanyards they serve as items of identification. Many companies need their employees to swipe cards to mark their entry into and exit from the office premises. This is done to ensure that company data is safe at all times and no unauthorized person can enter the office and use the data illegally. These swipe cards are also attached to printed lanyards.

As far as the purchase department of a company is concerned life becomes easy for the employees of this department when they can procure items easily. Lanyards can be easily bought online from vendors that sell these items through their websites. And since personalized lanyards are so important for any organization and they have to be bought the ability to procure them without having to step out of the office is extremely helpful.

If you have not invested in personalized lanyards yet then it is about time you invest in these items. Great quality printed lanyards can be bought for very low prices and used for great employee engagement.

Use personalized lanyards for employee engagement. Great quality printed lanyards can be procured at very low costs and they help in multiple ways.

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