Oreganol ? natural product with benefits galore

Posted by jackbandy on September 21st, 2012

Today there is a plethora of natural products in the market. This causes some bit of problem because users don't sometimes understand what is good and what is not good for them. However, some of these products are extremely beneficial and research has proven their good qualities. Oreganol is one such product. Rich in carvacrol the oil of oregano has a host of benefits and can be taken topically or internally.
The name oregano is usually associated with the herb that is so commonly used in many Italian recipes. However, oil of oregano is different from the oregano that is used in cooking. The oregano used in cooking is taken out from origanum marjoram whilst oil of oregano is obtained from origanum vulgare. Oil of oregano or oreganol is a natural item that is used in many curing many health problems.
Oreganol is considered one of the finest items when it comes to curing some skin problems. If someone is suffering from skin irritations and itches and skin infections then oil of oregano with its concentration of carvacrol is extremely helpful. However, oil of oregano is typically used in a diluted form. Some oils need to be mixed with coconut oil and some are mixed with olive oil. When you buy a bottle of oregano oil it is important that you follow the instructions.
The concentration of carvacrol in oreganol also makes it a potent medicine for people suffering from digestive problems. Oil of oregano aids the digestion process and helps in the treatment of upset stomach. A couple of drops of the oil mixed in juice or milk is recommended for this purpose.
Oregano oil is also recommended for people suffering from sinus problems and cough and cold accompanied by sore throat. Again a few drops of the oil are considered perfect for the treatment of these problems.
Oil of oregano is known to work better than some of the best known painkillers like morphine and aspirin. It is full of antioxidants that can fight radicals and help the body fight against developing chronic conditions. The US Department of Agriculture has studied the oil of oregano and has come up with the report that it can fight against E. coli and salmonella. The Department of Food Science at the University of Algarve and the University of Tennessee has also proven that oil of oregano can prevent the onset of many pathogenic germs and offers protection against them.
There is actually a range of health problems that can be treated with oil of oregano. And one doesn’t need it in huge amounts. A couple of drops and it works wonders against any health condition. The best part of oil of oregano is that it is a completely natural product. It doesn’t have any known side effects and can be used by almost everyone.
Oreganol and the carvacrol contained in it are excellent products. Get started with it and you will stay healthy. Ensure that you buy online so that the best quality is available.

Oreganol with its rich concentration of carvacrol offers a range of benefits. It is a natural product that has proven benefits.

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