Is It Time To Go For Chlamidia Testing?

Posted by SharonEvans on September 22nd, 2012

 As human beings we hardly hesitate or fear testing and we seem to go for them a lot. For example, we go through tests to find our true love from a magazine questionnaire, we test our friendship with others time and again and there are numerous such instances. However, one thing that everybody is scared of is to get tested for sexually transmitted disease. Whether it is Chlamidia testing or Hepatitis C testing, people generally develop cold feet when asked to go through the test. However it is necessary to undergo these tests since there is no other way of detecting their presence.

Chlamidia is the most common as also the most dangerous amongst the STDs’. It can assume alarming proportions if ignored or left untreated. Thus, those who engage in sexual activity regularly should get themselves checked frequently via Chlamidia testing. This kind of test is even more important than Hepatitis C testing because it enables the person undergoing the test to take charge of their health and to commence treatment immediately if required. Testing for this STD is most important because Chlamidia doesn’t leave a trail of obvious symptoms and hence is harder to detect.

Chlamidia testing is important because Chlamidia is a unique STD. While the sufferers of the same may not experience any symptom so that doesn’t mean that they are healthy because Chlamidia acts within their bodies and wreak havoc in their reproductive organs. It is a sexually transmitted disease which infects the cervix, vagina, rectum, urethra and penis. It is also a transferrable disease because it can be passed on during childbirth. Receiving Chlamidia or Hepatitis C testing is a smart thing to do for any man or woman who enjoys an active sexual life.

In order to find out whether one is infected with Chlamidia or not one should watch out for several symptoms. In case of women these are - spotting between periods, painful urination, nausea, painful sexual intercourse, lower back pain and abdominal pain. In case of men the symptoms are penis discharge, itching right at the tip of the penis, swollen or tender testicles and painful urination. If you experience any of these symptoms then it is high time you go for Chlamidia testing or Hepatitis C testing. After all, the best way to tackle a problem is to find out more about it.

The rate of transmission of Chlamidia is extremely fast and easy. It can be transferred from one individual to another through sexual activities. Therefore administering Chlamidia testing as soon as possible is strongly recommended. This is because women suffering from Chlamidia can develop PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease) if the condition is left untreated. PID is equally notorious because it gives rise to other serious problems like tubal pregnancies, infertility and chronic pelvic pain. So, just as it is important to undergo Hepatitis C testing, going for this is also a must.

Women particularly should go for Chlamidia testing because they are five times more likely to become infected by HIV or AIDS from their partner. Thus, in case the test results come out positive then one should start the treatment immediately because Chlamidia can worsen with time and get to the point where it causes extreme physical, mental and emotional discomfort to the person. Hence, if one is going for Hepatitis C testing in a certified and reputed testing center then one can also undergo the test for detecting Chlamidia side by side.

When questioned about STD testing most people confirm that they might have undergone Hepatitis C testing at some point of time in the past. However, doctors recommend chlamidia testing as well since this can also aggravate into an extremely painful condition.

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