How is a multi fuel stove better than the regular stove?

Posted by jackbandy on September 24th, 2012

The stove is an integral part of every kitchen. Right from when the concept of stoves came into play, they have evolved in leaps and bounds and today, we have some of the most technologically advanced options available on the market. Most that are currently available are powered by gas lines. However, with the increase in the rate of fuel all over the world, people are looking at other cost effective alternatives that can serve as alternatives to these stoves. The two main alternatives that are preferred are the multi fuel stove and the fire pit. Though the working principle is very different, they are excellent choices if you want to save money as well as conserve energy. These options are better than the regular stoves in more ways than one.
One of the biggest differences between the multi fuel stove and the regular stoves is that the former is portable while the latter is not. People who choose the fire pits instead of the multiple fuel stoves also enjoy this benefit. Therefore, the fire pit and multi fuel stoves can be used outdoors as well as indoors. Many people use the fire pits to keep themselves warm outdoors during winter. However, they also double up as heaters since it produces warm air that gives people relief from the intense cold. The ones that come with metal plates can also be used for barbeques and cooking other dishes. The multi fuel stoves and the fire pits are provided with wheeled legs so they can be moved from one place to the other with ease. The rear handles present on the multi fuel stove ensures that it is easy to manoeuvre.
The fact that the multi fuel stove can be powered by more than one type of fuel is also a distinguishing fact. This type of stove can be powered by wood, electricity, coal or gas. However, in the case of regular stoves, you are solely dependent on gas.
Another distinguishing factor between the multi fuel stove and the regular stove is simply cost. The cost of buying a fire pit or multi fuel stoves is a good deal less than that of the regular stove. Also, the cost of maintaining these stoves is minimal and they can be cleaned at home with regular cleaning accessories in a matter of minutes. Buying these stoves need not be a cumbersome task anymore. With many online stores specialising in the sales of fire pits and multi fuel stoves, you can find the best ones for your need at prices that are realistic and easy on your wallet. 

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