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How RTI Relates to Special Ed Reading Programs?

Posted by lucasplatinos on May 28th, 2020

Special Education instructors often use research-based reading software to help determine and then address the unique requirements of students at all levels of learning. There are countless program options available today, all claiming to provide the best results. Understanding how these programs work is necessary to make the best choice for your students. 

RTI & Special Ed Reading Programs

Response to Intervention (RTI) is not specific to Special Ed reading programs. RTI is a framework used by general ed teachers as a means of providing varying degrees of instructional intervention, based on individual student need. RTI is typically applied using a three-tiered model, with each tier delivering increasingly intensive degrees of intervention. The first tier consists of high-quality instruction, followed by a universal assessment to identify students in need of additional intervention. These students will be moved to the second tier where they will receive small-group intervention to remediate learning gaps. Students that do not demonstrate adequate progress at this level will then be moved to the third and final tier in the RTI process. This is where students will receive intensive one-on-one intervention. Finally, some of these students will move onto special education. The last tier in the RTI process doubles as a screening process to identify students in need of special education.

It is important to note that children think and learn at their own level and pace, and that not every student performing below grade level has a learning disability. While some may have undiagnosed learning or thinking differences, others might struggle as a result of missed school days or inadequate teaching at an earlier level. It is not always easy for teachers to tell which students are struggling, or why. By using RTI to identify struggling students early on, teachers can focus on using specialized instruction and research-based reading programs for special education on the students who truly require them.

What to look for when choosing Special Ed reading programs for your classroom:

  • direct instruction and clear, focused lessons with minimal distractions
  • a variety of auditory, visual, and tactile exercises and activities
  • a reward system that keeps students engaged and eager to progress to the next level
  • activities that appeal to students of varying ages and abilities

Reading Programs for Special Education High School Students

As a student progresses to high school, the need for specialized reading programs can become even more significant. Research-based reading programs for Special Education that accommodate students beyond grade six will support a tailored learning experience and give high school students the specialized instruction and individualized attention they need to help meet IEP goals. Special education high school students often require reinforcement of skills well below grade level. This poses a problem for educators in that most resources that address early basic skills present the curriculum in a format designed to appeal to primary age children. These resources can leave older students feeling self-conscious and demeaned. Therefore, it is important to identify reading programs for special education high school students that present these skills in a more age-neutral format.

Essential Skills Special Ed Reading Programs:

Essential Skills founder Ryan Brown taught Special Education for more than 20 years and used that first-hand knowledge and experience to develop these research-based programs. Our early reading and math programs are developed using time-tested, proven strategies for teaching basic skills. Every program begins with an exhaustive research phase to ensure that the skills being taught reflect solid pedagogy and best practices. Essential Skills programs offer primary and senior student themes and allow educators to customize student rewards, making these research-based reading programs appropriate for all ages and ability levels. If you’re looking for research-based reading programs for students with special needs, Essential Skills should be at the top of your list. Visit Essential Skills today to learn more.

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