Choosing between folding and Fixed Knives should be based on your specific needs

Posted by vijayvinson on September 27th, 2012

Choosing the right kind of blade for tactical tasks, outdoor activities and other activities is easy as long as you know your purpose for getting a blade. Fixed Knives will have a unique feature and functionality compared to folding knives. It is very important to make the right decisions based on what you expect to do with them and how they should work to your advantage. Buying knives should be an investment since you want to make sure that you get the best results for your outdoor activities or those activities that require a reliable, easy to carry and top notch blades.

The Fixed Knives should never surprise any buyer since it is a solid piece of blade, usually made of steel. The steel is anchored to a solid handle, offering a straightforward utility. If you need a knife that you can trust to handle the tougher tasks out there such as camping tasks or field dressing, the Fixed Knives are your best options for a good, reliable and durable knife investment. These blades are very durable and do not have any moving parts. This means that in terms of wear and tear, you can rely on fixed knives to be durable for many years especially if you maintain them properly.

The design of the fixed knife comes with a metal piece from the tip of the blade running till the end of the handle. This makes the blade so durable and reliable even with very tough jobs. This makes the blade highly functional for a lot of people.

The folding knives on the other hand are very useful and compact but not as durable as the fixed knives. They are, however, safe, and convenient for general tasks. The folded knives are also known as pocket knives. These knives come in numerous configurations. They lock in place when you open them or they have a push mechanism to automatically open the knife from its compartment.

A variant of the folding knife is the lock back. This is an ideal knife for those who want a safe lock open mechanism and a two handed closing mechanism. The liner lock is another variant in which you only need one hand to open and close the knife. These knives are very ideal for both left and right handed usage. If you are always doing something and you only have one hand to spare, then the liner lock Knives are brilliant options to consider. Then we have the classic pocket knife. This is a favorite option by many and can be carried in your pocket for general usage. These knives have changed considerably in the last few decades and some even come with multiple blade options to best fit your cutting needs.

Choosing the best blade for your work, outdoor activities or other tasks should be based on function. This ensures that the blade will be in perfect condition and you will not have a hard time finding the right blade for your regular tasks.

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