Posted by edosa on September 27th, 2012


Coming before the presence of GOD through songs of worship is an experience every believer should witness.

Worship songs are powerful. They captivate the soul and the entire human body that is if you’re really into it. You will shed tears when you experience real worship. Sadness or grief will not be the reason for this tears, but joy of being in the presence of the ALMIGHTY, the feeling of GODS AWESOMENESS that envelops you, the abundant Grade that flows through your vein, the desire to want to continue singing and worship HIM, the knowledge that you’re singing to no one else, but HIM alone, the zeal of the Holy Spirit in you will bring such tears to your eyes.


I love worship songs, I love the aura and presence of GOD that I feel when I sing. As a Music Director who has written more than 800 Gospel songs, the worship songs among them are the ones are love the most. Standing in front of the congregation and leading worship sessions alongside the choristers brings much joy to my heart seeing the whole congregation raise their hands in worship to the ONE TRUE GOD makes me want to sing the more. Seeing the whole church speaking in tongues during this session makes me not want to stop singing. Every time I stand on the pupil facing the congregation to sing worship songs I found myself having turn around an angle of 270o without knowing when I did. I open my eyes and realize that am facing another direction.

Singing songs of worship brings you to the presence of GOD. It brings the realization and assurance that HE is GOD and no one else. It makes you feel the intense of the power of the Holy Spirit in you. It makes you repose your confidence on the one who has created you. It makes you know that one day you will be in the presence of the one who had redeemed you with a price. It fills you with hope and joy.


Are you just waking up? Sing worship songs

Are you encountering ay difficulties in your business or place of work? Sing worship songs

Are you sick? Sing worship songs

Are the worries too much for you to handle? Sing worship songs

How many seconds, minutes, and hours in a day do you sing songs of worship to the ONE TRUE GOD?

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