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Posted by adairsawyer on September 28th, 2012

Today a website is essential for any lawyer or law firm, no matter how large or how small. When people look for a lawyer today they prefer going online to look them up. The days of the yellow pages are almost gone. Even yellow pages have gone online these days. Hence, lawyer website design and small firm marketing have become buzzwords for all those engaged in the legal profession.

A website largely defines how a lawyer is perceived. When someone visits the website of a lawyer they make up their mind about the lawyer just by looking at the website. If they see that the website is all jazz and colors they are bound to feel not too confident about the lawyer. A lawyer’s website needs to have everything that a prospective client would look for. While there are so many website designers in the USA not all of them have expertise in lawyer website design. There are some website designers that cater to this niche market.

The same rule applies to small firm marketing for lawyers. The largest law firms in the country have unlimited funds for marketing their websites but not all law firms can spend that amount of money. For most of the law firms website marketing needs to be done within a very tight budget. At the same time niche marketers need to be appointed for the marketing of small law firm websites so that they do all the right stuff.

Take lawyer website design for example. When someone comes visiting they immediately look for the type of service they can expect from the lawyer. They also look for the expertise and experience of the lawyer. They want to see what other clients of the lawyer have to say about the lawyer. When a niche website designer creates a website for their lawyer client they keep all of this in mind because they take inputs from real lawyers. When your prospective client visits your website they get to see an intense looking website that can offer them the solution they are looking for.

As far as small firm marketing is concerned SEO is a big name now. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a set of tools that enhances the page rank of your website. It is easy to see why a high rank with Google is so important. Out of 100 people looking for a law firm online more than 80 use Google. And out of these 80 people about 36 tend to finalize their option from Google page one. So, if you calculate, 30 out of 100 people find their lawyers from page one of Google. This is why marketing your website is so important.

The good news for you is that lawyer website design and small firm marketing using SEO is highly affordable. You get customized results that give you short as well as long term benefits. Whatever money you spend comes back to you in multiples. It actually makes sense to invest in your website.

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