Creating a Beneficial Helpdesk

Posted by maryparker on September 30th, 2012

Creating a helpdesk at your company, or for your organization, may be a way to get the information people need to them so they can make better use of your facilities. A thuiswerken can also be frustrating if it is not informative, and the people working it are not helpful

The first order of business in creating a thuiswerken that people will find helpful and useful is to make certain the helpdesk is located in a convenient to find position. If you establish one of these places and stick it in a corner that no one notices because it is blocked by something else you will be wasting your time and resources. Get this item out where employees and visitors alike can see it and use it.

If you are going to have a thuiswerken in your company or for your organization you are going to need the person that is behind the counter to be knowledgeable about everything pertaining to the establishment. You have to try and think of all of the questions that could possibly be asked about the company or organization and make certain the people that sit at the helpdesk know all of these answers.

You will also need to establish helpful brochures, maps, and pamphlets, for the people who work the thuiswerken to use to assist the guests of your establishment. If you are located on a large property make maps that the assistant at the helpdesk can use to show the visitor where to go and how to get there. Make plenty of copies so they can give the copy to the guest so they might reference it as they make their way to the destination they have in mind.

Make certain the employee or volunteer that sits at this station has a good personality, a good attitude, and is friendly. It is not helpful when you have a question and approach someone that is surly, unfriendly or rude. You are likely to be left frustrated and mad that you were treated in this manner. In order to be of assistance a person must be polite, compassionate, and thoughtful.

It would also be nice if the people that work at this station smiled frequently and sounded genuinely concerned when someone approached them. This can be accomplished through training and practice sessions before you place them at the location to work with customers and visitors.

Providing assistance in locating the places people want to go and the things they want to find is something that has been done for many years in hospitals, large companies, resorts, hotels, and some of the major department stores even have people who are trained to help the customers with any problems or questions they have. Today these stations are located in most malls, and large buildings like the ones that house doctor’s offices and professional buildings. The computer technology has made these stations used less, because our hand held devices have so much information on them. Some of the stations even have computerized systems where the person can look up what they need to know on the system. Nothing can compare to a smiling human face when you have a question or concern. The presence of a helping hand at one of these stations is priceless.

You would think that the computer age would not have any need for a helpdesk in buildings and businesses. The truth is that a thuiswerken is needed still and the presence of a human at one of these stations is surprisingly comforting.

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