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Posted by onlinebulbstore on October 1st, 2012

There is no doubt that overall trends in many sectors of industry are now leaning towards energy savings and environmentally friendly products. Energy consumption around the world is going up and there is no easy way to increase production to meet demand. Consumers are doing their bit to conserve energy and many appliance manufacturers have spent a lot of time and money on research to come up with better appliances and products whose purpose is not only to use less energy, but offer the same quality of work as before. The biggest advances that have been made are in the lighting industry in the form of CFL and LED bulbs.

There are quite a few CFL bulbs available on the market – in many different shapes, colour range, price and wattage. Manufacturing titans in the lighting industry have also come up the energy saving GU10bulbs – one can find any number of variants on the theme. The very minimum in hours that one bulb can last is 4000 hours. Many countries have instituted recycling programs so that all bulbs can be disposed of, safely. Most energy saving GU10 bulbs cannot be used with dimmer function as they are already in energy saving mode. Look for the right bulb at your local hardware store – and buy the necessary fixtures for optimum function.

These wonderful bulbs are slowly but surely replacing incandescent bulbs around the world. One of the main reasons is that they save on energy – a typical one use somewhere between 10-15 watts and use between 1/3rd - 1/5th less energy to provide the same level of ambient light. They are also available in many shapes and sizes and wattage to suit every need and décor. Mem bulbs are most commonly used for track lighting, lamps, in ceilings and also decoratively. Manufacturers also offer hardware and fittings to work in tandem for optimum efficiency. The only way is to switch over to these products to find out how they work and what savings one can get.

Memlite BC3 is a new type of lamp holder. These can be installed in place of the old ones so that energy saver bulbs can be used. A leading UK manufacturer in the field of wiring, Eaton has brought this new product line to the forefront. These have been brought to market to meet the regulations that mandate energy efficient lighting for all building. This particular lamp holder has an unusual fitting that will accept only CFL lamps which are designed for low energy consumption and efficiency. A BC 3 lamp with a compatible cap should fit into this holder. Many such lamps can be found for purchase from a distributor or a company recognized outlet. This particular lamp holder does not have ballast – that is because most CFL lamps have inbuilt electronic ballast. Customers can choose to buy a BC 3 lamp holder in one of 3 available forms – a simple pendant style, complete pendant set with 100 mm or 150 mm drop, straight or angled batten holders, depending on where they intend to use it. All in all, it is a little expensive to make the change, but the savings will more than make up for the initial expense.

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