Choose Bandana Bibs Over Other Drool Catchers for Your Little Angel

Posted by jackbandy on October 3rd, 2012

There are a hundred and one considerations to make when you are a new parent. Sleepless nights have to be juggled with early morning shifts, day-care nannies have to be interviewed, diapers and bandana bibs have to be stacked ready at hand. Of course, the pressure falls the most on the young mother, but the dads do handle quite a bit of baby blues too. The situation today is especially graver, and is becoming increasingly so. More and more women are opting to work, and it is neither desirable nor advisable to drop out of your career once you have become a mother. Most women today therefore try to maintain a balance between changing the dribble bibs of the newborn bundle of joy and the execution of the multiple responsibilities at work. Naturally, this is something that requires quite an amount of careful planning; ironically, even that becomes difficult, considering that most expectant mothers prefer to work quite a few months into an advanced stage. 
While most young moms are able to chalk out their routines in accordance to the eating and sleeping patterns of their babies, the task becomes slightly more difficult as the months pass by. Taking care of the child becomes increasingly complicated as the baby grows into a toddler and starts teething. Not only is there the constant need to watch out in case the child pops something harmful into its mouth to test the newly formed premolars and incisors, it is also highly necessary to ensure that you change the dribble bibs frequently. This is of the utmost necessity at this point of time, since keeping on a wet bib is likely to cause irritating rashes on the sensitive baby skin.  There are various kinds of bins to choose from for this period in the baby’s growth chart, but bandana bibs are by far the most preferred kind. 
There are multiple categories into which one can divide the baby bibs. While bandana bibs are a category in themselves, even these can be separated into various types in accordance to their make and usefulness. Of course, you should keep in mind that there is no general standard; you need to choose your dribble bibs based on your superior judgment. However, do keep in mind that his particular kind of bibs are highly beneficial and are possibly the only kind that can suit any child the best part is that they can be used by dribbling babies of any age, and not necessarily at the approximate age of four months. 
Bandana bibs are known by this name as they look more like an item of clothing than a regular bib, their resemblance to the headwear prompting the nomenclature. These bibs differ from the other kind of dribble bibs in more than appearance: they are much more capable of soaking a larger amount of dribble than any other kind since these are worn much higher around the neck. Besides, even if the baby is uncomfortable with the bib, as most would be, it would be difficult for them to get it off as it is tied at the back of the neck. 

Taking care of your newborn kid is the utmost priority, and buying the right kind of dribble bibs is a major step in that direction. Look into our store to get the best selection of bandana bibs to protect your baby from their own drool!

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