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Posted by sophiamilller on October 3rd, 2012

The times when Viagra was the only pill on the market for the treatment of erectile disfunctions are long gone. Nowadays, many men have decided to replace the little blue pill with other drugs that have the same effects yet cost much less, such as Kamagra, Erectalis etc. With the help of this kind of medication, men manage to unlock their sexual potential and to enhance their performance.

It is a known fact that drugs such as Kamagra and Erectalis first appeared on the market in order to give men with erectile disfunction the possibility of having a normal and much improved sex life. However, the truth is that Kamagra and Erectalis are not taken only by men who suffer from impotence: there are many men who take such medication as a performance enhancer, either because they are not happy with their performance or because they want to impress their sexual partner. And the reality is that these drugs have amazing effects and truly contribute to making sexual intercourse last longer.

Kamagra is currently one of the most popular sexual disfunction drugs due to its high efficiency rate. Having the same active ingredient as Viagra, namely Sildenafil Citrate, Kamagra is preferred by many men due to its much lower costs. The price advantage cannot be ignored, for the difference of costs between Kamagra and other similar products is pretty high. Availability is another important advantage of Kamagra: this drug can be easily purchased from brick and mortar chemists, as well as from online pharmacies which have very prompt delivery policies.

Kamagra is also a great choice due to the variety of forms under which this medication can be found.  Customers have the possibility of choosing between several versions of this drug, depending on their individual needs and preferences; thus, they can take the pills, the tablets or the jelly - which does not affect the stomach and is highly recommended to men with swallowing or digestive problems. This variety of choices and the affordability of this drug are actually the aspects that set Kamagra apart from other drugs that are said to produce the same affects.

Erectalis is also a drug that should be taken into consideration by men who want to improve their sexual performance or treat their erectile disfunction. The effects of Erectalis are visible within 30 minutes after taking this drug; in addition, the effect of Erectalis lasts for a pretty long time period, of approximately 24-36 hours, whereas the effect of other similar drugs only lasts a couple of hours. Last but not least, Erectalis has been shown to have very few and minor side effects in comparison with other drugs used for the treatment of erectile disfunction.

All in all, both Kamagra and Erectalis have numerous advantages compared to other medication from the same category and should be taken into consideration by men who want to cure their impotence or to have an active and satisfying sex life. By taking Kamagra or Erectalish, they will surely be able to have great and long-lasting sex as often as they want.

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