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Enjoy Serrano Ham Recipe - Revuelto con Jam?n Serrano

Posted by Iberianham on October 4th, 2012

A dish of eggs scrambled with a variation of vegetables, seafood, chorizos or delicious Serrano ham makes a hearty lunch, and the addition of severalotheringredients, which, depending on the region, can include chillies, capsicums, garlic, pepper-corns and paprika,will turn the mediocre scrambled egg into a mouth-watering experience.

Like any stew or rice dish, revueltoswill vary and may include the most basic store-cupboard ingredients or be lavishly piled with an array of different cured-meats or seafood.

The menus of the restaurants in Madrid, for example, will tempt you with a combination of revueltos with asparagus spears and black-pudding, or salt-cod, sun-dried tomatoes and potatoes, or huge, juicy prawns and wild mushrooms, whilst in Andalusia this dish can consist of chorizo and broad beans or a simplified version called huevosrotos, which comprises of fried potatoes, broken or scrambled eggs and strips of succulent cured Serrano ham.

Revuelto will normally cost around 6 – 8 Euros in an average restaurant and as much as 12-15 Euros in some of the more elegant eateries, but one can make four servings of this flavoursome meal at home for less thansix-Euros.

The following recipe is one of the most popular in Spain and needs no particular culinary skills to produce, and all of the ingredients can be brought from the local supermarket.

There are no hardrules in cookery where recipes are concerned, this depends much on personal taste and palate, and so any of these ingredients can be replaced in favour of any preference you may have; if one does not like mushrooms, for example, they can be replaced with French or runnerbeans.

Much the same can be said of your accompanying tipple because there is no set rules for this either;although a glass of crispTioPepefor the following recipewould make excellent pairing.

TioPepe comes from the Gonzalez Byass winery in Jerez de la Frontera, the heart of Spain’s Sherry territory, and it is from the town’s Arabic name ofSherish, that the wines designation evolved.

TioPepe is one of the most favoured and well known of all Spanish Sherries and this pale-gold wine has a dry, nutty flavour with a hint of apple and it is excellent with most tapas: it must however, be consumed extremely cold and from the traditional elongated tulip glass that has become emblematic of Spain.

Revueltos con Jamon Serrano, champiñones y ajos tiernos.
Eggs scrambled with Serrano ham, mushrooms and garlic shoots.

  • Ingredients (serves four people)
    150 grams Serrano or Iberico ham cut into thin strips or diced.
    8 eggs
    30ml milk or cream
    Knob of butter
    8 large cultivated or wild mushrooms
    200 grams garlic shoots (if not available, replace with 2 cloves of garlic and 200grams French beans)
    1 small red chili (optional)
    ½ teaspoon paprika
    Salt and pepper to taste
    2 table spoons olive-oil
    Bread or croutons to serve
  • Method

    For best results use a heavy-based frying pan and, on a gentle flame, sauté the garlic shoots (or garlic and beans if using), salt, pepper, paprika and chili in the olive oil for two minutes, stirring regularly. Next add the mushrooms and cook for a further three minutes, then stir the Serrano ham into the pan and remove from the heat.

    Next beat the eggs, milk and buttertogether until completely combined. Replace pan on heat and add the egg mixture to the pan in small amounts whilst stirring continuously until all of the mixture has been incorporated and the egg has begun to cook. Don’t overcook it;it’s best to remove the pan from the heat whilst the eggs are still a little moist; then leave it to finish cooking in its own heat.

    Serve with some sliced crusty bread that has been lightly sautéed in olive oil; and a glass of chilled fino – salud!

    About the Author

    Geminiano is famous in Spain for their top grade Spanish ham, such as Iberico pata negra “Bellota.” For the 100 year anniversary, Geminiano decided to launch two websites to sell top grade Spanish ham abroad.

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